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25 Responses

  1. josh davis says:

    Did anyone here that cat

  2. Pinote Damion says:

    Can i have some seed from you lol

  3. Matthew Weir says:

    you a idoit

  4. jlorael says:

    what you do after you have them all in the rockwool? you put them under
    lights or no lights? in humidity dome of course…

  5. Olivia Hinsey-Langlais says:

    can you show the difference between the seeds germinated in the paper towel
    and the seeds germinated in the bowl of water?

  6. Khooswunt Sewtohul says:

    talk too much , n not straight forward …

  7. Khooswunt Sewtohul says:

    talk too much , n not straight forward …

  8. CopyK9 says:

    Hi Cop May i Buy Weed Off u 🙂

  9. 81Support says:


  10. Bronx boyz says:

    Wow lots of seeds can you send me a few

  11. HERBLANDZ says:

    Do you not see the glass and napkin sprouted stem?should have used your
    eyes instead of your inner asshole

  12. kjen13 says:

    the internet

  13. Shanto Goldie says:

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  14. Jose Montaoya says:

    No thanks Mr. Officer.

  15. Benjamin Hillel says:

    Sister Nancy – Bam Bam

  16. Weedus2 says:

    Germinating? Has nothing to do with Germany i guess lol ;=)

  17. Johnny Stars says:

    Hay what’s up can you sell weeds seeds for me I want to buy weeds seeds??

  18. soja tucker says:


  19. Mdoggsublime says:

    How in the fuck didn’t you see the comparison you dumbfuck? There are seeds
    on the paper tower and in the water. Just because he didn’t explain every
    single detail to you. Why don’t you make your own comparisons you fuck?

  20. dannyway2fly47 says:

    @limenstickygreen word I’m Trynna find out to

  21. 13DarkGoth says:

    Thx i just did that im useing both the methods just incase one is better

  22. KahitAnoTV says:

    mango cmu meg

  23. Michael Kohn says:

    did you not hear what he said,3days and in a dark place

  24. 99dimensions says:

    Just take a drinking glass, put some wet toilet paper inside, put the seeds
    on it, take another wet sheet of toilet paper and cover them, seal the
    glass with tinfoil and put it in a dark place… won’t get dry that way

  25. jesse smith says:

    Very helpful