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25 Responses

  1. axel332009 says:

    fy dumb

  2. axel332009 says:

    hihihihi idio t

  3. dmicklerr6947 says:

    No thanks officer

  4. Jorge Dib says:

    wonderful 🙂

  5. Félix Hallé says:

    I need a heat lamp after the germinate? and the bulb is how many watt?

  6. Félix Hallé says:

    how many days before the seeds out?

  7. zach davis says:

    I have left my seed in room temp water for 3 days now in a warm dark
    closet, the seed is open at the side and there is white sticking out, not
    protruding but it sticks out further than the seed shell itself, is this
    normal? how long should I wait..

  8. aplus SYNC says:

    Mr Tight – do you put them in a dark room or regular room?

  9. Kevin Sarmiento says:

    18hrs light/ 6hrs off light

  10. sezzy4 says:

    Man I have gereminate seeds an I put the seeds in soil I need the let them
    in the light all day and night? or I put them in full sun all day in the
    night i put them indoors ?

  11. gazog1 says:

    Try not to touch the seeds with your bare hands , you can contaminate the

  12. Growing With Mr.Tight says:

    the one with roots can be transplanted into a bigger pot and soil.leave the
    rest in the box till you see roots popping out the bottoms of the pellets.

  13. Dan Gray says:

    i have put four seeds under a light ungerminated into peat pellets, one has
    sprouted and all four are in the propagator, do i leave the sprouted one in
    there with the rest? will it harm it?

  14. HERBLANDZ says:

    I have 5 germinated seeds.I wanted to know how can I store them because I
    dont have enough room in my grow box to plant them.They have sprouted a
    long roots and i was wondering can i just freeze them in a plastic bag?

  15. Ahmad Dabbagh says:

    you working so hard for this. great job

  16. Jack Derpinstein says:

    I dropped mine in way deeper than you, left them out over night instead of
    bringing them inside at this time of year so it got really cold at night,
    are my plants going to still grow? It’s been like 3-4 days.

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  18. wisemage0 says:

    This “Dirtect to Dirt” method seems pretty interesting, I might give it a

  19. kushbandit8701 says:

    Mr. Tight… I just started growing, the soil I’m using is miracle gro seed
    potting / its week 2 since they have been in the red cups… cfl bulb 24
    light… is this soil ok to use?

  20. Growing With Mr.Tight says:

    i do it so the soil doesnt dry out on the top layers before the seed has a
    chance to soon as the seeds pop above the soil i take it dont have to put it on tight but a little cover helps i feel.

  21. TheTaylorGangHD says:

    Why do you put that plastic over top of it? Do I have to do that?

  22. Tyler Graham says:

    Nice elevator music for the background.Nifty ^.^

  23. Growing With Mr.Tight says:

    yep. Disney World is one of my favorite places on earth. Im there twice a
    year with the vaction club.

  24. Rozwel says:

    I had to stop 45sec into the video to commend you on your choice of “Dirt
    Poker” I think its hilarious!!!! “The Happiest Place on Earth” is helping
    create Happiness on Earth. From WDW to THC!

  25. Growing With Mr.Tight says:

    yes you could do that.but building roots in smaller pots then
    trransplanting to larger ones creats a bigger root ball by flower time.