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25 Responses

  1. Rick Ginn says:

    I have algie growing in my hydro farm, what do I do?

  2. ziggieization says:

    shes in good hands keep up the good work

  3. ESmokeDog says:

    You will see,hydro is easyer than soil…It was for me anyway….

  4. pamhesford says:

    its on the bottle / called directions

  5. Snooty Wimbledon says:

    first. nice grow 🙂

  6. freezation says:

    PH 6 net 7

  7. bubbling420 says:

    you will get good results with those nutes..

  8. Deschain420 says:

    I use the Lucas method, so I don’t even use the Gro…saving 30 odd bucks
    for the gallon.

  9. parzito101 says:

    now ur speakin my language with g.h. flora 🙂 big thumbs up…. watch ur
    harvest get way bigger now 🙂 happy growing… i promise ur not gonna grow
    with anything else now 🙂 happy growing

  10. jerome apparicio says:

    Why would you use g h men fighting down marijuana

  11. pamhesford says:

    The Lucas method does work, but the plant is not performing at top notch.
    ur not gonna achieve 0.5 to 1.0 grm per wt. people grow plants all the time
    with little more then water, and swear by mollasses only. its like removing
    meat or vegetables from your diet. over time it will affect your health as
    it does to the plant. 30.00 savings is not rational, critical thinking in
    that scenario, its costing you. your ignorants shines bright for thirty
    bucks lol

  12. TinKnocka420 says:

    What kind of PH Meter do you use?

  13. wmacias8466 says:

    check out the new video 🙂

  14. FanofTheHipHop says:

    You should definitely throw another airline with a air stone attached.
    Extra air in the water never hurt anyone.

  15. Mr420ways says:

    @sirtom68 hahahah thats shits funny mcnuggets…fuckin mcnuggets

  16. kbgrowkid420 says:

    @TinKnocka420 … Eco2

  17. kbgrowkid420 says:

    @sos60joker .. man that sucks. hit me up I got PK, BD and NY ready to roll.
    i lost ur #. lost my phone the other night.

  18. bigwhilliej says:

    look up the lucus system that will help u alot thats what im running

  19. sirtom68 says:

    Drill about 100 more holes in the top tray of one of those units and add a
    pretty good size air pump and stone and it will kick ass.

  20. kbgrowkid420 says:

    @sirtom68 .. dude at the grow shop told me its not necessary to buy the
    4.01 if your pen only reads the the one tenth.

  21. sos60joker says:

    good work man

  22. Bret1Maverick says:

    It might need some of the grow soon then. I noticed that i have to start
    feeding right away in dwc or coco, as apposed to soil. with most soils i
    dont need to feed for abotu a week or 2. Unless its that promix stuff. Dude
    told me to start feeding right away with that stuff, but i used it once. i
    love your new dwc. Looks like theres holes on the sides of it so you can
    put in a cage or some stakes or something.

  23. 420Grown says:

    also u should use that calibration solution to store ur ph meter with it
    will extend its electrodes lifetime.

  24. Saul Goodman says:

    Hey man, great post and so far you’re the only one I have found using a
    drip system. I just purchased a hydrofarm not too long ago. I have a few
    questions for you if you don’t mind. 1) When do you recommend transferring
    a seedling into hydroton? 2) When should I start nutes since the medium has
    absolutely no nutes? 3) How should I run the water for a seedling on this

  25. perfektolisem says:

    it not on mine but you can get a feding chart whare you got the nuts but
    you will need potassium and magnesium 2 there is not enough in ghe thats
    why im changing nuts to canna nuts…..