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24 Responses

  1. Tonio9606 says:

    So do u water the blocks as soon as you put the clones in them or no ?

  2. TheMikengd says:

    Keep them in moisture .use 2 plastic contianers and make nickel size holes I spray them w water 3 to 4 times a day already have alot of roots week 3

  3. TheMikengd says:

    All plants should have the same rights exception to coco leaves that for the pharmacies

  4. Brian Hazelwood says:

    Hey man new grower and I’m cloning in soil how wdt should i keep it and how often should i spray em

  5. Meks | GTA V & Editing says:

    Original UK Cheese is some sick stuff man. gets you heavy stoned

  6. Drew Grow says:

    Check out my cloning video. It is short and to the point

  7. Muma Eric says:

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  8. poenan95 says:

    yes we can !

  9. Igniter4life says:

    And so they are all happy ..But man what a waste to let them plants allowed to produce less THC…peoplel dont really care i guess… i see lots of videos from all sorts of people in the States …Hahaha having good times showing their VERY big BUDS and them almost light giving hairs on it ;DDD Well its time to unite all people and say YESS to all sorts and quantitys and most important ; The THC levels in it! ;DD

  10. Igniter4life says:

    Ahh okay i didnt know that …So thats quite amazing man …So if some one gets caught and they measure the THC in it then the jail sentence can be like some one should grow “harddrugs”?? Strange kind of warefare against it ..They better off by getting some coffeshops like here in Holland …And still people are growing at home offcourse ( i know I do hehehe)..The prices they ask for one gram are delerious…But for the tourist its like heaven here offcourse(last time Rihanna here in shop);DD

  11. poenan95 says:

    haha sure the weed in here is amazing, but we have this new law that is not gonna alow us to legaly smoke strains with high thc percentage that 19% and maby they even gonna lower this percentage.
    our government is gonne tell us that canabis with a highter thc lvl than 19% is hard drugs

  12. Igniter4life says:

    I do not really care if its valid or not ..Its just in the site info at the seeds information …For those two remaining percents i still would plant those in the house ;D
    But good you did your homework well … I am not into the growing that good ..But fact is the Dutch grow good quality of canabis! greetings and PEACE for all of ya..

  13. ed cen says:

    Here in LA THC levels go up to 30%

  14. ed cen says:

    Did you wet your rockwool prior putting the clones in?

  15. poenan95 says:

    the world record thc percentage is 22% so what you tell is not valid

  16. jojo jenkins says:

    Federally, it’s still illegal. I support the full legalization of marijuana and hope that someday it grows wildly like it and all plants were always meant to.

  17. judybean931 says:

    Does the clones have to be under 18-24 hour lights?

  18. gamerhatin says:

    Good tutorial. But, cutting the tops off is a waste. Should be taking the BOTTOM cuttings that get almost no light anyway.

  19. Shrapnel411 says:


  20. Trader0692 says:

    Hydro stores should have them. Just google for one in your area, chances are there’s one within a half an hour, to an hour.

  21. Victor D. Easley says:

    Rockwool. Buy at hydroponic stores.

  22. Victor D. Easley says:

    Only clone during the vegetative stage and maybe a couple of days into flowering.

  23. Victor D. Easley says:


  24. GeoStaccs says:

    good vid thanks