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25 Responses

  1. s. bae says:

    Try a cool tube for your HPS.

  2. Janelle Turner says:

    dont use foil..just paint walls flat white.

  3. Lauren Endres says:

    make sure that plant is female bro.. dont wanna waste your time and work on
    a male.. nice plant tho

  4. devin cox says:

    Hello, I’ve been wanting to try dwc, I normally grow with soil or soilless
    media and then used general organics go box & go by their feeding schedule,
    I believe in keeping it simple, staying organic what I would like to use,
    & and how much for a dwc 5gallon bucket single plant ? thanxs for your
    time any help would be appreciated.

  5. Felipe Sosa says:

    Your place will go on fire aluminum will just increase ur room temp .

  6. Sean Baker says:

    You need an intake fan

  7. Patricia E. Hartford says:

    I have just created my very own aquaponics system. That it was easy and it
    looks and operates the same as the models which charge thousands more, by
    following this informative guide

  8. Richard Ott says:

    All you need is a roll of mylar to line the closet. The metallic state of
    the aluminum is retaining heat. Mylar does not hold heat and is the most
    reflective material available. Do your research before you go dropping

  9. joefosho1059 says:

    how much was that meter?

  10. scuba says:

    You need to toss that avanced nutrients and go dnya gro ot genral

  11. avers Soundzz says:

    man you could of just keep the door open and run some oscallinating fans

  12. nysh718 says:

    Homie can I use the seeds from greens u kno regular weed

  13. P GEE says:

    NO aluminum foil. It creates heat spots.. Go to Walmart and buy the
    wrapping paper that looks like aluminum foil, its basically Mylar and
    doesn’t create heat spots like the foil.. Much respect. She looks healthy.

  14. pacman44t says:

    check out pacmanfazer on instagram to see if I’m doing this thing right

  15. pctechguy2003 says:

    your spending way too much using those lights switch to t-5 fluorescent it
    will save you $100’s a month on electric, for 1 plant you can buy more weed
    then you will profit after your bills good luck t-5 for veg then hps for
    flower thats what i use oh and heat will not be an issue

  16. cannaviking says:

    NoK the currency we use. have a nice closet tho,used it as growbox last
    time,w a 400W HPS had no ventilation tho,but fans ofcourse.. they got
    ok,yielded ok,but do to stress in their light cycle(timer is a must if ur
    pothead,as well as remembering to buy on) would like to do one et up w LED
    and Hydrponic-DWC most lightly,do to I wanna make it myself. and w insane
    F8 hybrids and F1 hybrids (need mo money'[damn laws] fck em) really need
    some medecine,so do my friends. do one? then go for a serious?

  17. pctechguy2003 says:

    t-5 for veg then hps for flower thats what i use oh and heat will not be
    an issue

  18. EnKrytedKush says:

    not a bad start. when i get going im thinking of using the high end LED’s.
    Cant beat the temp control and energy efficiency.

  19. NIGHTSKYE1 says:

    just get a cool tube light, its eaiser than faffing around with ice cubes
    and such.

  20. kentour69 says:

    Don’t use tin foil cuz it will cause hot spots and burn your girl that foil
    is better at reflecting heat use Mylar it reflects lights up to about 90
    percent looking good bro keep it up

  21. pctechguy2003 says:

    how did they turn out

  22. hrfyrfghfdserjg says:

    dude just get areo garden… it was even an ad on your vid lol. but your
    over doing it for one plant.

  23. Pey Tron says:

    Haha fuck yeah. thank for the heads up

  24. The 1 LB. CLUB says:

    Update? Lol I’ve done 27 videos since this

  25. fredd 722 says:

    hey where did u buy your clone from