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25 Responses

  1. GreenhouseGangsta says:


  2. Donovan Martinez says:

    @brianbertz yeahh i feel you,, shitt 11 bucks whole sale is unheard of
    around here ha

  3. Donovan Martinez says:

    @brianbertz yup people down here pay out the ass,, its all controled by the

  4. iSmokeDatKronik says:

    hey guys check my channel and watch marijuana plants at 1.5 weeks pls tell
    me if theyre growing good.

  5. Ally Bubba says:

    how long do u leave it to dry

  6. stecheverria says:

    steven wants to fuck stepanie at the movies while she gives him dome in the

  7. Brian Bertz says:

    @1765557 really? is it that expensive where your at?

  8. Donovan Martinez says:

    @brianbertz yeahh i feel you,, haha not if you got somebody helping haha 😀
    damnnn i wish i could find some 10 a g stuff around here ha

  9. Icecreamskatin says:

    i have that same scale….

  10. LFlo says:

    Damn, so once you trim them, will the plants still produce another batch of
    buds?? Or do u start the whole process all over again.?

  11. cappeeler09 says:

    how do i pinch them what do u mean…..fill me in bro…ive got a 1.2 by
    2.0 metre square grow tent with a 600w 10 auto pots with blue cheese im
    growing on coco how much weed could i get….this is my first time

  12. MrStoneClark says:

    @1765557 In Canada… $10 / g is expensive! More like $8 / g if you buy at
    least 5 g’s!

  13. sk8erted2000 says:

    dros the way to go man

  14. Teddybearonfire21 says:

    in your opinion (or anyone’s),is the whole process of growing complicated?

  15. pecasx4 says:

    is that off of one plant

  16. harder114 says:

    you can leaf the plants and it will regrow the budd but most people cut it
    at the bottom and just let it regrow

  17. YungGunzProductions says:

    Shit, looks like the time you put in paid off, how much weight is in those
    2 plants?

  18. darthproxy says:

    Try pinching while in veg. It will boost your yield ten fold. No joke dude.

  19. crimpthe3rd says:

    how long it take?

  20. sdsteves says:

    @cappeeler09 hey, let them veg for 2 months before you switch to 12/12, you
    will get so much more!

  21. DieNumbChick says:

    Yummy. Cant wait for my shit to be there!! Only 6wks in though for me

  22. Brian Bertz says:

    @1765557 for larger ammounts you usually dont end up getting 20 per gram. i
    had a little more than that, 224 grams or a half pound and i got 2500.
    thats mor like 11 a gram or around there. i wouldnt sell no eithts or any
    small shit tho. takes too long to get rid of it.

  23. NutzUpYourA55 says:

    @pecasx4 he showed 2 plants u dumbass

  24. Donovan Martinez says:

    @GreenhouseGangsta well think of it like this, 200g X 20per g thats… 4
    large? 😀

  25. Jacob Dudley says:

    come check out my stuff everyone! first time go let me know what you think!