Experiment: Coco Coir vs Soil ( Day 1)

In this experiment we will be testing coco coir vs soil to find out if there is any added benefit to using coco as medium for growing plants. The brand of co…

Here is a how to on using the 50/50 coco perlite mix and 70/30 coco perlite mix from black label pure essentials. this is going to be an Epic test run guys ….

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11 Responses

  1. BrightGreenThumb says:

    There currently is some construction going down where my patch was last
    year so its delaying me getting all the pumpkins in the ground, hence all
    the potted plants this year. I’ll make a video of the pumpkins shortly, I
    transplanted about 20 the past few days.

  2. BrightGreenThumb says:

    So for every one gallon of soil there is 1 Tbs Bat Guano, 2 Tbs Bone Meal,
    1 Tbs Bone Meal, and 1 Tbs Kelp Meal.

  3. Matkamemm1 says:

    So you have the soil or coco coir and you have a gallon of it and mix in
    the Bat Guano, bone meal, blood meal and kelp meal directly into the soil
    or coco coir?

  4. Matkamemm1 says:

    Thanks for sharing…. very helpful

  5. Thagirion9 says:

    Good luck with that. Are you going to do a pumpkin and gourd patch this
    year? I loved those videos you had last year. Best pumpkin patch around.

  6. mainguy29 says:

    Yo Dan I’m trying to see if you used fox farm ocean forest and if so how
    does it stack up to the black label??lemme know ASAP cuz if the black label
    is that good,that would prolly b the one to use thanks bro

  7. aviationsquadmusic says:

    @ 2:46-247 some type of flying bug flies across the screen into a pot

  8. BigDansGreenThumb says:

    I’m smoking a blunt dropping ashes as norml . Lol only bugs u ever see here
    is a gnat from time to time and they get stuck to the yellow strips .
    Azamaxed 2 times a week .peace

  9. kickingharold1 says:

    lmao nails and shit haha

  10. LittleFootFilms1 says:

    Hey big Dan, do you have a feeding schedule for that mix? Using the same
    black label veg nutes?

  11. xPHnerdx says:

    very nice big dan try b-cuzz coco its pricey but the finest coco i have
    ever used peace TGC