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9 Responses

  1. edvan santos says:

    fumo na noit! smoking in nigther!

  2. missabbeymeggy says:

    Whoa dude.

  3. shash amani says:

    That is one fat bush, congrats brother. My G dad used to grow this way,
    only growing 2 plants worth like 40 small plants. The buds on your plant
    look rather loose though how was the end product and how long did it take
    to harvest? Btw im a sativa lover n grower. peace

  4. jay king says:

    Holy shit.. Nice job brother

  5. jkhon Bryans says:

    Yeah it’s a big girl abbey!

  6. KINGORVIL17 says:

    massive tree mate

  7. nicolas carrozzo says:

    perfecta good job!!

  8. Xblazer Boy says:

    The best sativa…<3

  9. edvan santos says:

    isto é uma cronica meu irmão! de totalmetne paz! eu estou fumando um !
    agora. mesmo!! mais na minha cidade é proibida! e assim mesmo eu fumo!This
    is a chronicle my brother ! totalmetne of peace ! I ‘m smoking one! right
    now. same ! More in my city is prohibited ! and yet I smoke !