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25 Responses

  1. Matt Medicineforme says:

    These are all being grown in hydro

  2. Matt Medicineforme says:

    I cut the leaves just before harvest for photo shoot for dutch passion
    website. But i do defoliate plants when about 50% of a fan leaf is damaged
    in anyway

  3. Higzy Teflon says:

    Holy Godzilla cocks Batman! That is fkn UNREAL.

  4. Apollos Smith says:

    What type of grow medium are you using?

  5. Matt Medicineforme says:

    Ill try to catch up on a few posts at once.

    I typically end up running this strain about 105 days. Im in no hurry so
    just let them go all the way.
    I dont think 75 days is enough on this strain, they really swell last
    couple of weeks and you would have missed that if you harvested at 75 days.
    Nutrients= own recipe sorry. But i will say my highest ppm i could push
    them to was 1150-1160 ppm max

  6. Jeffray Walden says:

    100 days seems longer then is advertised for most autos to finish. is it
    normal for the real finishing time to be longer then 70-80 days for autos
    and wow that is a big plant I think of autos as staying small it is almost
    like it is only partly auto genetics

  7. matt dickerson says:

    does this strain grow with naturally few fan leaves or did u cut them off
    pre harvest?

  8. Apollos Smith says:

    Which online seed bank delivers to USA

  9. Jerry Dennis says:

    Autoflowers blow. Turn into a big boy and grow normal weed, which is
    stronger than autos anyway. 

  10. copperSHANKA says:

    What nutrients did you use

  11. copperSHANKA says:


  12. Matt Medicineforme says:

    The dwc buckets were actually ones that I neglected. I really tried to over
    dose them on nutes and stunted them at first but were fine and caught up
    nicely. I did have to open up the plant during the grow cycle. I also am a
    pretty strong believer in defoliation, by the way it works as you can see.
    I didn’t pinch, top or fim these plants at all. They will branch out well
    with either SCROG or LST. Hope this helps.

  13. CannaHeaven says:

    Nice looking garden man

  14. kickingharold1 says:

    holy hell them are some huge auto colas

  15. Phi Far says:


  16. larry byrd says:

    what was the yeild on those dwc buckets?

  17. morrowracing69 says:

    Great company . Did some dew,maz and ultim all turned out amazing .

  18. jack shrum says:

    Great job Matt. some of the largest flowers ive ever seen on auto’s. I am a
    big auto fan. what strains did you grow in this video? also what is the
    largest yielding auto you have grown so far? big fan of dutch passion also.
    Is DWC yielding medium? keep it green, peace.

  19. GIGAFRANKYOT says:

    Amazing.. Without words.. Wow

  20. JanneT32W says:

    you forgot to mention the air stone in the water bucket.How big was your
    air pump?

  21. mrbustr brown says:

    what was your lighting schedule and was it under 1000 hps or halide?

  22. Carlos Melo Campos says:

    what do u mean with “opening the plant”, and is it convinient to give nutes
    to autoflw?

  23. caligrowing420 says:

    Hey Matt I got 10 think different on day 30 check out my video I could use
    some advice tnks

  24. Adam Rutter says:

    very nice, Keep the passion Up. What state you in?

  25. says:

    Amazing buds, looks so tasty!