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7 Responses

  1. Michael MasonJr says:

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  2. chuckakachuckious says:

    i used earthgrow as my soil mirical grow has to much sodium and will kill
    the plant

  3. worthypoo says:

    I’ve got two plants in my earthbox and they consume 2+ leters of water per
    day. (I have the cover over the soil, white side up) Results seem
    impressive with mine, used two cups of bat guano 1-10-1? (Nitrogen might be
    .1? Or potassium…)

  4. bigmike784 says:

    how often do you have to water this?

  5. Brandon Pou says:

    1-10-1.Nitrogen and potassium are both 1.Phosphorous is 10 tho.Anyways good
    looking plants bro! God bless:))))

  6. worthypoo says:

    My soil is 1 full bag of foxfarm ocean forest

  7. worthypoo says:

    I’m starting another experiment now also, with different amounts of bat
    guano ontop of soil and mixed in soil to see which works better, three in
    one box, planning on tieing them down at an angle to compact space and have
    bottom ‘flowers’ get light