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19 Responses

  1. Sidewayyys says:

    aww i wanted to see the rest of the recipe :(

  2. Chrischannel29 says:
  3. Led Grams says:

    What’s ur temps? On n off

  4. oneshotgrow says:

    The Lumigrow lights start at $1000+ now. Can get a decent discounts on LED
    lights if you call up Nate at Growershouse . com and mention my Youtube
    channel though.

  5. 0507575356 says:

    how much a light like that would cost???

  6. oneshotgrow says:

    I got mine from Amazon. It’s called an Eva Dry E-333 Wireless Mini
    Renewable Dehumidifier. They make a few different ones though depending on
    your needs.

  7. oneshotgrow says:

    It’s hard to tell if it’s working. I’m dealing with some heat issues ATM. I
    think I have too much ducting on the silencer and it’s taking too long to
    recycle the air. I am gonna fix that and see what it does to the RH first.
    Tent is 3’x3’x6′

  8. dithious says:

    yeah i have the exact same issues. doesnt seem to prevent growth though : )
    peace. oneshot, looking forward to the coming weeks

  9. Hand0fGwad says:

    well i had some light issue where my cat stepped on the timer n the light
    schedule was off, happened like twice n yesterday my electricity when n
    when my power goes out it fucks up my timer so again my lights were on when
    they should have been off.. soo i dont know if thats shocking them or
    what.. but only time shall tell imma let them rock out n see

  10. thizzle91 says:


  11. kindkris420 says:

    Lookin good I’ll be putting up a vid today of tomorrow check me out black
    star LEDs an hps grow lookin good my self

  12. oneshotgrow says:

    67 off, 76 on (depending on what my heat is set at in the house too)

  13. Hand0fGwad says:

    man looks like i need to get me some TGA my plants aint looking nothing
    like that 0_o

  14. dithious says:

    hey one shot, just watch out for your dehumidifier, they can drain the
    water from the leaves if they are too powerfull for the room size you have
    it in, mostly just with tablet versions, not sure which one you have
    running in there, but ive found if you keep one close to the bottom vents
    of the outside of the tent it will keep the humid. down and leaves dont
    sag. … just something to keep in mind. im about 3 weeks behind you and
    love the updates : )

  15. thizzle91 says:

    Does it work?? And what size tent are you rocking??

  16. oneshotgrow says:

    That’s why I asked you on your video if your plants revegged or something
    🙁 I was concerned about the bud development.

  17. oneshotgrow says:

    Yeah, I removed that little thing from the tent. I think not being able to
    have my closet doors open when lights are out might be causing some of the
    issues. I am going to try to leave it cracked today to see if that helps.
    Just have to make sure no light leaks 😉

  18. thizzle91 says:

    We’re did you get your dehumidifier ones got

  19. Randy Brush says: