Dinafem white widow auto flower cannabis day 42

Legal medical grow so fuck leo… under the hps for a week now. Drinking around a gallon each every two to three days. The little one is the most frosty so f…
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This video is a gift for your eyes… Dinafem’s autoflowering and feminized cannabis seeds varieties: OG kush, amnesia, white widow, moby dick, critical+, cr…

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9 Responses

  1. larry byrd says:

    What size pots? Thanks.

  2. jack shrum says:

    How did the Shrum pots work for you ?

  3. Dinafem Seeds says:

    Thanks people, We love seeds!

  4. Paweł Michał Lipski says:

    Could you give me the name of the piece of music I have used in this video?

  5. Jose Luis Valencia says:

    Porque en vez de prohibirla no explotan todos sus beneficios es mejor que
    el tabaco.

  6. Jamal Wong says:

    I love dinafem seeds

  7. Dinafem Seeds says:

    Un regalo para vuestros sentidos… Disfrutarlo!

  8. dirtybongwater grows meds says:

    great vid thank you for posting it

  9. JimmY McLovin says:

    I Love DinaFem, Best growers & Seed bank. Keep up the good work guys !