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2 Responses

  1. Muma Eric says:

    Hey bro i have available Medical Marijuana of several strain;

    glass bong for sale weatherINDICA or SATIVA Strains like OG Kush,Purple Kush,Blueberry,

    Granddaddy Purple,Master Kush,Hash Plant,Blue Dream,Black Domina,Romulan,

    Sour Diesel,New Purple Power,Hawaiian Sativa,Banana Kush,Arjan’s Haze #2,

    Malawi Gold,Kali Mist.if u got interest lemme know by

    just texting (360) calls.Fast Delivery.

    Discreet Packaging. Express Delivery Available with text

  2. Marcio Silva says:

    Nice and Simple. That´s what I want. Thanks.