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6 Responses

  1. MrVanDep says:

    I’m an everyday stoner, but from Brazil and we don’t have buds here… It’s
    pressed up garbage full of Amonia from Paraguay. Making my first trip to
    Dam December 22nd. Can’t fucking wait. If anyone has any tips, let me know.
    Take care! 

  2. heeggie says:

    To say you need first aid when leaving a coffeeshop is fucking ridiculous.
    Having said that larby is my boy and hulp is like a second home so i kinda
    agree wit ya haha

  3. 83bluecheese says:

    Why not post the full review staight up instead of daft 2 min look at the
    bud then having to wait to see your review of it. Not hating just dont see
    the point in spilitting this video into two parts instead of all in one 

  4. Eve Marley says:

    back to dam next week have to give this ago never been to 1e hulp

  5. Luke Sykes says:

    I had some of this around two week ago. It was quite nice but not very

  6. Smokers Guide says:

    #SmokersGuide TV takes a look at some #SweetnSour, a strain bred by
    #SpliffSeeds and bought from #Coffeeshop1eHulp.