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11 Responses

  1. TheMikengd says:

    Mother plant or any cannabis should be female only. You don’t want to clone a male/father plant .the female plant will show you some white hairs. The male wont it will actually have a nut sack.

  2. CubanFashion says:

    How do you know if is a mother plant or a father plant?

  3. Bill Winkler says:

    The Clone Kit is available at Good luck and good growing!

  4. creepsomber says:

    Where can I get the Clone Kit?

  5. TheAMHaze says:

    a plants life cycle begins only when the 12 12 cycle starts it will keep growing under 24 hours in veg and never bloom. So a plants age depends on when you give it 12 on 12 off.

  6. ORDERseedsNOW says:

    if you thumbs up this the most….my girfriend said she will be giving me head everynite. please thumbs up this so i can live happy smoking and gettn BJs


  7. ive sim says:

    Tnx 😉

  8. Bill Winkler says:

    Hi Ive –I keep the light on 24-7 B.W.

  9. ive sim says:

    hi… did the clones need the light all the time?

  10. j ray says:

    you said you have been cloning off of that one plant for 10 years. I thought the clone had the same age as the mother plant? how do you do that?

  11. fazzio1000 says:

    what am I doing wrong, my clones go into shock, some make it some don’t>>>