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  1. TheBrendanish says:


  2. charlsfitchyfitch says:

    looks like your new to the game

  3. RiceEyes420 says:

    @alpfaable actually you dont even really need hormones, they help a whole
    lot but are not essential, as these hormones are already present in the
    cutting….what u want to make sure is that as soon as you make the cut
    that you place it in the glass of water immedialtly to avoid air bubbles in
    the stem…make sure u have at least 90% RH and keep everything moist and
    at a stable warm temp say 25C??…cloning wax helps reduce transpiration
    which is main cause of wilt…

  4. wattswitittv says:


  5. ToKeNhI says:

    How is it you exactly prepare your Jiffy Pellet? prior to sticking the
    clone within. and get it perfectly “moist” before you use it. I mean you
    have to soak the complete Pellet for 5 minutes or so correct? then you let
    it stand for sometime afterwards I take it?

  6. watchm3spec says:

    Welcome back bro good advise on cloning here, I like jiffy 7s over rockwool
    too. That ak-47 is good shit ay. Stay high and peace out!

  7. alpfaable says:

    I got some Clonex the other day off e-bay and my clones are droopy, one
    actually just went and flopped all the way over.. Any idea’s why this
    happend? i know it may of got an embolizme, but also the shipper shipped it
    and conditions of heat on its route could of broke down the hormones?? hope
    someone helps me out. I dont want to waste any more clones

  8. 69keepthegreen69 says:

    Do you ph your water or just use regular tap water ?

  9. alpfaable says:

    @RiceEyes420 Yeah i’ve always had good results with the powder too, never
    droop 1 single bit with it ethir, thanks again.

  10. ToKeNhI says:

    Like I mean your pellets must of been prepped atleast 2 hours before this
    video was made ?

  11. RiceEyes420 says:

    @alpfaable try taking cuts from the top of the host plant as there are more
    of the required hormones for rooting there, also try rooting powder..ive
    found its cheaper an works better..if you look at the ingredients is all
    just butric acid…you can usually tell in the first 12 hours if a clone is
    gonna pull thru.and remember having the light on constantly is only to
    stabilise temps…get a heat mat, no light is required while rooting clones
    ive ha clones in the dark on heat mats with no probs..


    gay annoying music. . . sounds annoyingly african.

  13. avirex188 says:

    this is my fist time cloning after how meaning days you transplant them

  14. alpfaable says:

    @RiceEyes420 yeah, I dident put the 1 imidiatley in the water, i actually
    tryed saving it and made a re cut under water and “wiggled” it around and I
    actually seen a bubble come up. I just never had them droop before useing
    Powder I guess its trial and error. I’m just hopeing my bottle isent
    tamperd with or went bad never kno what your getting off E-bay I suppose,
    But i will give it another go. thanks man

  15. ceogriffsta1 says:

    This dude is high as fuck

  16. RiceEyes420 says:

    @watchm3spec fuck yeah..its prolly my fav strain..always go back to
    it…kushes are good but those white strains do the damage..ive out in an
    order for some Mr Nice Medicine Man…supposed to be really potent..awesome
    too they come in 18seed packs!! so i should defnitly find a nice
    mummy..still a bit scared of fem seeds man..dont wanna risk the time or cash

  17. RiceEyes420 says:

    @wattswitittv keep the medium moist but not saturated,you probably wont
    need to water for the first 2-3days depending on temps, try and keep a
    stable 25 – 27C and 90% RH…you should get roots within 10days if not
    earlier…dont over water as you want the roots to search for the water not
    drown in it … you should check em everyday so youll see when theyre
    gettin dry

  18. lootdigga says:

    I think it all comes down to what you are feeding her. Gh hg ya flush on
    tha reg and replenish the enzymes . Or fortify with natural hard rock
    mineral and go the nitrates/humates route……

  19. dexter delaqua says:

    u have just help me solve the same problem (I think) .. I have been given
    really bad advice and was told to flush my coco every 2weeks .. and now I
    know y my plants are doing shit .. so your telling me I only need to flush
    my plants at the end and not with fresh water..? wat about when I swap food
    to bloom.? will I not get salt build up at all if I feed every day.?? this
    is my first grow in coco so im still learning have dun plenty of soil grows
    so though I had a salt build up and was flushing with fresh tap
    water.!!!!.. so wat do I need to help get my plants back on track .??
    cannzym .. boost.?? (im not familiar with these products) ?? please help

  20. lootdigga says:

    Best gro rx vid yet. I commend you sir!

  21. TheeBudGuru says:

    Coco doesn’t hang on to anything as long as you use it like a Hydro grow
    medium. Use it like soil, you will get salt build up! If you intend to use
    it like soil, you will have to watch your plants and they will tell you
    when to feed. So do what Koma calls a HvyWater at the end of wk2, wk4, &
    then flush. But you said you were not going to flush, then you will need to
    add Cannazym @dbl dose & Boost @ half dose to pH’d water during flush,
    you’ll need runoff during flush!

  22. kennywarren72 says:

    Good vid man I’m doing my first coco also I’m not gonna flush but what
    happens for final flush last 2 weeks ? Plz help tks

  23. demetriuspowell29 says:

    They just mad cuz u growing what the fuck u want guru

  24. TheeBudGuru says:

    Did you guys ever noticed that the ones that dis growers don’t have any

  25. Jesus says:

    exacerbating is the present participle of ex·ac·er·bate Say “Eggs” + “Ass”
    + “errrr” + “Bait” + “Ing”

  26. Steelheader Fred says:

    Thanx for this video man! I recently started a chernobyl grow in coco and
    noticed that every time I would do straight water, my plants do not look
    happy. They have that exact look in the leaves that you have and when I
    would feed they are happy. Now I know! Thanx again. I forgot, though I was
    warned to feed bacteria with EVERY FEEDING.

  27. The Rumour says:

    May i ask why ?Great vids btw buddy

  28. kickingharold1 says:

    treat coco as a hydroponic media not a soil. thats what i was always told.
    but im gonna be doing a coco plant next run i hope i dont fudge it up. :/

  29. TheeBudGuru says:

    I was doing great in Coco until I followed someone’s poor advice. Poor,
    only because the info given was incomplete. I’m pretty sure the individual
    was just trying to help me but… Anyway, now we all know!

  30. TheeBudGuru says:

    The issue is that Coco hangs on to nothing! Unlike soil or peat based
    mixes, but, if you don’t water to run-off you can screw shit up because the
    excess salts will build up and kill your pH! So, if you don’t water to
    run-off keep this in mind.

  31. The Rumour says:

    Thanks guru,i was using rhizopots(smart pots) so it’s really hard to
    measure run off

  32. kickingharold1 says:

    and ty for letting me feel better about the feedings in coco. Im not doing
    a drip system but im gonna do a drain to waste just probably every other
    day or something.

  33. GrowWow says:

    Would you still flush with just water at the end close to harvest?

  34. GuerillaGary says:

    Nice video it is…

  35. TheeBudGuru says:

    No, you flush using a solution of CannaZym and Boost the last 2 wks.