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25 Responses

  1. LeatherBookVideo says:

    ME. after i found out that it was blue berry. you watched yet u saw nothing.

  2. billrock12 says:

    Take them sweet tasting leaves and make some blue berry hash..

  3. Deez Mutts says:

    Blue berry yum yum haha thats my shit.You gets props for opening with that
    song my nigga

  4. karin swerve says:

    hope that wasn’t bug honey! ha. like, bug gut honey. i say a stem with
    like, big black rice in the middle, well that’s how it tasted

  5. karin swerve says:

    i ment I SAW A STEM…

  6. Tiziano182 says:

    how did you find out?.. i dont know what i have lol!..

  7. StanwoodSpartans says:

    light = bad for roots get red party cups instead of clear party cups

  8. RXFARM1 says:

    i would too,,if i realized i had a strain i wanted to keep after it went to
    flower,, hell yeah id wait for them to revert ,,rather than spend time
    possibly chasing something similar or not as good ,,,so theres your answer

  9. choppa gunna says:

    nice blue berry man i want those plant i been tryin to look for some but
    never find it ..nice plant btw rit now i got some ak47, white widow ,and
    cali hash good lookin plants. will hope those baby gurl will grow up sexy u
    feel take care!

  10. chuck deez says:

    @comaro16 u need better roots powder works better then gel

  11. yann829 says:

    @luis16987 ludacris blueberry yum yum.

  12. roach coach says:

    its gonna take forever

  13. stony haze says:

    What a big waste of time watching this dumb crap… Who the hell takes
    clones from a flowering plant?

  14. William Hooper says:

    Good job I hope u can keep them good genies 😀

  15. travis shirey says:

    you do realize he’s reveging them right? how would them buds turn into nice
    collas? all that probably would happened is it would have rotted.

  16. meatube2009 says:

    leather we love you man, you inspired me to actually make real videos as
    shitty as they are atleast i’m making them

  17. alphonso mobley says:

    how did clones turn out?

  18. mike zilla says:

    i revegged a 2 or 3 week flowering plant and the result was lots of single
    leaves..guess it was due to trics on leaves..budded one again just to see
    what would happen and got basically a whole single big bud still growing..

  19. masterminecraftman says:

    Its glucose, its what plants use as food from photosynthesis, its a basic
    sugar so yes, it will be sweet.

  20. kbgrowkid420 says:

    It will take about 2-6 weeks to fully re-vert back to a healthy veg state
    after 2 weeks flower. It works most definately. This is how I had to save
    my Purple Kush and I’m fuckin glad i did!

  21. Multicultivate weed says:

    the leaf goo, was glucose, wich the leaf tried to ”give away” to the rest
    of the plant to help keep growing.

  22. valthegalpal says:

    @comaro16 I water once a day in the rockwool cube. I also mist It with
    spring water. Make sure the stem of the clone is touching all sides of the
    grow medium. Dont’ pull it out.

  23. brittloveschloe says:

    where did you buy the chamber?

  24. greymobvmp says:

    I read somewhere that a flowering clone is best taken on day 21 of bloom, i
    have the artical saved to notes and documents if you wanna see the whole

  25. 305jboi says:

    Taste like sweet fucking honey lmao