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7 Responses

  1. biggz1115 says:

    Nice tecnique with teh duct tape to the side….. I like!!!! TGC

  2. troy147kush says:

    The clones are looking good and nice intro man

  3. A-Dogg420 says:

    Thanks bruh, yeah works real good, i like the duct tape, so many uses haha.

  4. Adam Wissenz says:

    dope! dope!

  5. A-Dogg420 says:

    Thanks man. Think i might start using that intro now, it’s tight lol . . .
    TGC^ SBS

  6. A-Dogg420 says:

    Thanks lopoleon. Respect. TGC^

  7. lopoleon says:

    I see ya pimpn. Thats how ya do it right there. Yeahhhh Boiiiiii. Watever
    you do Keepm Grow’n