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25 Responses

  1. Sean Forrester says:

    Also, a question. Where do I find high fucktose peanut butter?

  2. Sean Forrester says:

    I think she used to be a man

  3. Emiliano Sosa says:

    I’m high, bitch!

  4. chaosofthemasses says:

    anyone ever notice that this ditsy chick cant even say the word dispensary
    right? dispenserary…LOL.

  5. BassClefable says:

    Hey people looking to ACTUALLY cook follow this recipe to make YOUR OWN
    HOMEMADE peanut butter. 16 ounces shelled and skinned roasted peanuts 1
    teaspoon kosher salt 1 1/2 teaspoons honey 1 1/2 tablespoons special peanut
    oil Place the peanuts, salt and honey in a food processor and blend
    together (1 min). Then slowly drizzle in the oil while blending and mix
    until desired consistency.

  6. jrky840 says:

    That’s not a recipe, your mixing already extracted cannabis into peanut
    butter? You can do that Shit with any food… Now teach me to make the

  7. antisocial963 says:

    if u cook it longer will it extract more thc or burn it up ?

  8. dill0404 says:

    why the fuck does california king automatically assume anyone can get weed
    oil? idek wtf tht is. u no why? because i live in philly and weeds illeagal
    here and weed dispenseries are 10000fuckin godamn miles away. fuck urself
    wit a knife u cunt. and dnt comment about my spelling u cocks. u all should
    agree wit me anyway. i looked up weed peanut butter tht u can make at home.
    not at sum crackhouse in california.

  9. XxStonedKillerxX says:

    Like those who drink to get drunk!? Yet that seems to be perfectly
    acceptable to alot of people in society.

  10. mjrraps says:

    medicated pb&j samwich

  11. ComradeTony says:

    I’m sorry, why is this chubby bitch telling me how to eat healthy?

  12. Killerfisk says:

    Use it for recreational purposes =/= abuse it. Suck dick and rob people for
    weed = abuse (very rare)

  13. DanSkateMw2 says:

    @bobobob1230 ahah

  14. VSublimeV says:

    this lady reminds me of sarah palin, she uses slightly enhanced words such
    as the ones i have carefully selected to put together in this sentence, and
    says them a certain way so you miss interpret her proper iq scores. i smoke
    weed every day and i can do that -.-

  15. Matt Sitro says:

    no one pretends they are in chronic pain everyone wants marijuana to be
    legal but we weren’t the ones who created the state law to make marijuana
    only medically legal if it was up to us you think we would still be like
    moron… we would have made it completely legal but its clearly not up to
    us… learn about the health effects of marijuana compared to alcohol and
    tobacco and some people do medically need it so calm down

  16. Rylar Saprosan says:

    this guy knows

  17. carsonmccullar says:

    Add a comment

  18. i0sMoKe0wEeD says:

    Y the fuck r u haten on her, she just tryn to show you how to make weed
    peanut butter. I had no idea how to make this, thx you and I’ll try to make
    some right now:)

  19. TheWafflesAlwaysBlue says:

    @pnickel000 You are a dumbass. They’re not pretending because it IS
    medicine and they ARE in pain. Just because you are a whiny little bitch,
    doesn’t mean others are lying. lol. I suggest you educate yourself before
    making stupid ass comments like that, and calling a woman you know nothing
    about a “cunt”. You are shit on the shoes of the earth. And to everyone on
    YouTube. Remember. ^Live above the ignorance…

  20. OhPervyOne says:

    Wouldn’t it be better to use cannabutter rather than infused olive oil?

  21. 1rs11ch4d11rs1 says:

    Grow a comment

  22. Musicposter4you says:

    So you just mix cannabis oil with peanut butter? OMG I WOULD HAVE NEVER

  23. iml337rofl says:

    how is getting high abusing marijuana? you’re the ignorant one.

  24. Minty Hendrix says:

    You guys are harsh she did say she gets HERS from the dispensary that’s why
    she mentioned the little bit of bud in hers then said the oil from HER
    dispensary has a good consistency implying she obviously knows not everyone
    watching this gets their oil from a dispensary she knows people self
    medicate with or with out a Rec she’s blonde not brain dead lol calm down
    its just a video

  25. mat jones says:

    i think some of your makeout fell in the peanut butter