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20 Responses

  1. Gaz Green says:

    ace holla me asap 07549348937

  2. Acers8219 says:

    Or what, you ass hole get a life ……

  3. telballs420 says:

    Fuckin slugs! I hate the fuckers:( best thing for them is a few beer tins
    with abit of beer still in the can propped up around you plants they can’t
    resist the amber nectar and once they go in that can its goodnight! Iv
    tried slug pellets,salt dosnt stop the wee fucks but the beer tin gets
    fuckin loads! Good luck and keeper lit!!!!

  4. Acers8219 says:

    yooo g message me your number fam 

  5. Acers8219 says:

    yoooo G message me your number man ……..

  6. billiebob1980 says:

    Must be some wasted slugs in your garden. Good job mate.

  7. Acers8219 says:

    yes fam am loving it G your smashing it now bruv CALL ME MAN .

  8. smokie jo says:

    wot strains do u use in da uk mate n were do ya get ya seeds from

  9. MERULZ69 says:

    mate, would appreciate if you start filming whilst holding your phone on
    it’s side, if you do that your videos wont just take up 1/4 of the screen
    and we will all get a much better viewing experience.

  10. carltyboy says:

    told ya to tie big cheese up in last video!! schoolboy error , nice nugs
    though brother

  11. Gaz Green says:

    Thanks guys for the positive comments. And na Sam I dident get to try
    molasses will try it out next year tho for deffo

  12. Daniel Jones says:

    thats why people use copper pipes and slug pellets and for flys 1tbl spoon
    of washing up liquid per gallon of water as a spray works good and garlic
    helps also

  13. Daniel Jones says:

    anything indica will grow in the uk sativa are not so great but will still
    grow, find ya seeds online pick n mix seeds is a good 1

  14. Mario Flo says:

    nice bro keep it up not long now

  15. everFaded2012 says:

    Nice one chap

  16. Mario Flo says:

    wow nice mate

  17. eriknoworries says:

    Looking good. Use slug repellent next year, does the job! Peace

  18. Daniel Jones says:

    molasses works wonders, all the expensive nutes are molasses based, (U can
    find it in Holland and barrat) nice looking plant by the way

  19. everFaded2012 says:

    Nice mate , you should be chuffed good goin for your first mate

  20. SAM ELLIS says:

    Looks good did you try molasses ?