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14 Responses

  1. badsign1980 says:

    só otarios é que crescem plantas comerciais cresce angolanas e moçambique
    isto é merda…

  2. Dario Rosa says:

    @badsign1980 otarios sao aqueles que plantam sementes sem saber o que vai
    sair como tu compra so sai femea ó tu gostas de macho,o sabor da erva
    anngolana é veneno

  3. pedrobobby says:

    hey men! make an uptade ! ! WE WANNA SEE SOME BUUUUDS!!

  4. DisasteRakaDuartE says:

    Que cenário ! Também quero xD

  5. tiago kimone says:

    so ha este video?

  6. lebron250ATG says:

    badsign, as sementes não se plantam -.- semeia-me. burro do caralho xD

  7. zane ferreira says:

    Nice plants bro, could you hook me up?

  8. blkescalade says:

    gotta gives thanks to the ganja farmer for growing the herb thanks brother
    keep doing what your doing

  9. williams jerry says:

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  10. Backpaper96 says:

    Summervacation 2012 in portugal.. can someone sell me weed there ? 😀 coz
    in a plane its hard to take mine with it -.- fucking laws !!!

  11. herbalenquiry says:

    how many plants r u alowed to grow in portugal? im moving to castelo branco
    and am wondering if the cops bust alot of ppl or is it similar to spain?

  12. charuto47 says:

    Parabéns,grande agricultor.

  13. Ruben Allen says:

    niiiiiice! 😀

  14. nozetuga says:

    qual é a melhor altura para plantar outdoor em portugal?