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25 Responses

  1. jesse mcbride says:

    Big hairs in close ups, how do u prevent that i see it al the time on vids
    like these´╗┐

  2. discovertheratio says:

    thats why people arent gettin murdered liek they did for alchol prohibition
    lol, weed people dont want to fight you stupid governments but this is

  3. Greenlife711 says:

    cannabis oil cures cancer and all other ailments. search “run from the
    cure” and granny storms list on google

  4. McDank8O5 says:

    @JimBigley sun grown organic over everything

  5. VIxVIIIxVIxIII says:

    @hippieho1 i know! i wish human females were like that. ” come here babe
    and give me some pollen!!” ­čśŤ

  6. discovertheratio says:

    make no mistake doing things in the physical world teaches you much much
    more than the digital world

  7. discovertheratio says:

    clearly its not a result of smoking ganja i got 100 times smarter since
    smoke ganja i now have a different perspective of the world….because i
    thought all there was hanging on the corner all night wit the boys was all
    there was…now i have studied many many things, and our culture directly
    results from weed and our culture at present is a result of not having weed
    now we just sit around and do nothing, then buy a gram and sit around n do
    nothing cause thats what we do…nothing haha

  8. HiLufinman says:

    that 1 jazz guy was high as shit. 5/5

  9. dancingspike says:

    Someone’s lying to you, boy….. Marijuana today is far and away more
    potent today than it was even 20 years ago let alone 40-60-80!

  10. discovertheratio says:

    i smoked ganja then beat my wife..not if you beat your wife normally and
    then smoke ganja you wont beat your wife that night i bet, get drunk and
    you might murder her…this is a stupid argument nothing but happiness
    results from ganja the smoke bringer….on a side note im not even married
    and havent been in a conflict since i started smoking ganja

  11. Eric Mendoza says:

    This is from The Botany of Desire

  12. Frankii3 says:

    like usual the fucking mexicans ruined shit for us.

  13. beebop says:

    @JimBigley i agree. 160,000 lumens at 12 O’clock in the afternoon on the

  14. repogreenuk bigballs says:

    What a good video you something new everyday. Well weed been around along
    time & will be around after we’ve gone so enjoy it while we hear don’t make
    laws against it its gods gift to us .;)

  15. dwyddle1 says:

    weed is not stronger today there is just more strong weed since no one
    wants shit weed and smoke and 1/8th when you can get amazing pot and take a
    couple hits!you are wrong sorry!

  16. johnboyjnr1976 says:

    Like if you are stoned watching this.

  17. guitar17johnny says:

    the guys look at 0:17 xD

  18. discovertheratio says:

    we work for them so we can just get enough food to live and a place to
    live.while they control us like the slaves of the past,…we arent really
    free it is a massive illusion…there isint any free land left someone owns
    a part of everything… sooo its like a huuuuuuge zooo…we are in the
    cages carrying on everyday with our own fancy. kings and royal familys and
    poor people follwers is how it still works wake up. IF SOMEONE IS RICH THAT

  19. huen usmiling says:

    Pampered espectacularily good looking multicolored rich resinus Being!!

  20. VDlongboard says:

    9:50 , i hope they don’t have thoughts

  21. discovertheratio says:

    nothing about ganja or smoking ganja makes you happy excited hyper ready to
    work to do somthing….its when you give ganja to someoien who is fat and
    sits in a room all day listen to music and watchin porn makes them wana do
    what they wana do more…and that is what they are raise and allowed to
    do….fault of countrys parents and government not ganja

  22. oogp says:

    the ending is the best

  23. hippieho1 says:

    lol love how they explained the female plants damn horney little things

  24. dwyddle1 says:

    this guys a duesche!LOL

  25. discovertheratio says:

    we had babies and babies and baibes so much so much so much invented
    machines invented machines to do work of people people people and so nobody
    has anything to do do do in highly populated areas areas areas resulting
    directly from people not ganja,