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25 Responses

  1. ColoradoCannasseur says:

    Florida produces the most weed? Idk about that..

  2. Richard Bla says:

    The DEA is on that bull shit 1 lb of 1 plant only the best growers in the
    word get that every single time he is prolly gettin more like 1 oz a plant
    the DEA needs to figure out what the fuck they are talking about

  3. Alexander Månsson says:

    i like how you all whine but dont do shit

  4. NeekoDizzy says:

    @neattmaster Dude there was a dozen lights in one pic. They looked like
    600w so assuming one gram per watt (Pretty average) that would be 7200g
    from that one room. That’s about 16 lbs, $48,000 dollars at $3g a pop. So I
    would say you estimate is pretty light…

  5. lowrider94ss says:

    theres always been good and bad pot wtf and doubt fl is the leading
    producer if indoor pot propaganda bullshit

  6. j vu says:

    LMFAO! 20% THC? take a dab of some wax.

  7. Alexander Månsson says:

    it’s easy to say something than it’s something to do something

  8. calbunn says:

    HPS lighting is way to expensive amd hot to run for the yields 400 watt
    induction grow lights get HPS yields @ 1/2 the watts and they don’t produce
    the heat. I took out 3 1000 watt hps for 4 400 watt inda-gro pro series and
    the canopy penetration was better then the hps so there’s better bud lower
    down the plant. a single 400 does a 4′ x 4′ area nicely and the plants grow
    within inches of the lamp and don’t get burnt with 95$ usuable PAR at UV
    and IR spectrum. youtube; inda-gro

  9. Nebderf M says:

    I fucking hate the cops. Man… GROW UP

  10. MrLarrrge says:


  11. maslabud says:

    4:25 marc is asking us to sacrifice our freedom to legalize weed?

  12. ForTheTech says:

    honestly I started crying when the plants were being cut so carelessly

  13. zach gandy says:

    Deaths per year resulting from alcohol: 100,000 · Deaths per year
    resulting from tobacco: 430,000 · Deaths per year resulting from
    aspirin: 180- 1000 · Deaths per year resulting from legal drugs:
    106,000 · Deaths that have ever occurred in direct result of Cannabis: 0
    (that’s right zero) let us smoke WEED!! COPY AND PASTE FOR FREEING WEED

  14. shophand101 says:

    That shit will just rot your lungs yall stay drug free is the way to be

  15. shoopdawoop3 says:


  16. MrStoneClark says:

    @LIempirewolf2412 they would pay $7k lb in Alaska dude!

  17. nine9dc4 says:

    I cried a little when the pig was cutting the plants=(

  18. patbelski says:

    i really hate it when the media and attorneys use the arguement that
    today’s pot is stronger… it’d be like comparing whiskey to beer, and the
    two are perfectly legal to consume.. are are proven killers. even with the
    most potent concentrates available on the privatized medical market in
    several states, there has not been a single overdose on thc, cbn, or cbds.

  19. MrLarrrge says:


  20. signalfire6 says:

    Oh Noes!!!! 25% THC!!!! Little suit-boy is scared of THC!!!

  21. Jake Charles says:

    This is the biggest joke of a propaganda video, those that DEA agaent is
    misleading. Anyone who smokes knows that weed isnt harmful.

  22. linesofblood20 says:

    that mug is smoking crack 7,000 a pound my ass straight bull shit

  23. DrDickSlap says:

    The DEA will never win ATF or police. Weed is everywhere this is a war that
    noone can win its like saying lets have a war on oxygen you cant beat it
    its always going to be here, its just a waste of money and recources and
    time. How bout you go after beer and cigarettes they kill millions of
    people every year, weed has never in the history of humans never killed
    anyone. The only way to die from weed is if you smoke 1500 pounds in under
    15 mins, n its the carbon monoxide that will kill you not thc



  25. Postemupman says:

    @LIempirewolf2412 No no one will “drop” 7k on a lb.. but ur gonna make 7k
    off that lb easy when u work it.