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25 Responses

  1. Chris Garrett says:

    You guys gotta realize he doesn’t smoke weed regularly so when he got that
    bomb ass weed he smoked a whole joint he had probably only smoked good weed
    a couple times I remember the first time I ever smoke medical I was really
    inexperienced and I was so high I felt like I was literally floating in a
    cloud an I heard music and daydreamed I was flyin and no it wasn’t laced it
    was just bomb ass weed

  2. Sparksterfu says:

    What you guys don’t get auditory hallucinations, and time dilation. Like
    being inside the music and hearing the songs in your head echo after
    turning the music off? I guess because I don’t smoke often. 

  3. blink322e says:

    Like always, I love Krystle’s cameo. Yummy.

  4. john vetter says:

    anyone know where he gets those shirt? i know you can make em too, I’ve
    done that.

  5. TheHardon1 says:

    Apparently they have shit weed in Kansas.

  6. ImMr1337 says:

    Great video! Really enjoyed it. I’ve had auditory hallucinations before
    from ganja. It’s pretty rad. 

  7. Tom Any says:

    this shirt with the glasses…. reminds me of the psycho 60s

  8. Lucas Stl says:


  9. Dalton Anderson says:

    Dear greg

  10. Colton Fisher says:

    You are a lucky man.

  11. ConjureMan says:

    yea it affects people differently, it also has to do with the mind state
    someone is in. I’ve heard music on it and there wasnt any playing but the
    sounds of nature made music. Marijuana has dissociative, psychedelic,
    stimulant, and intoxicant properties among many others

  12. T4rDKnoT666fun says:

    This guy is such a boss.

  13. Aeonaee says:

    If you dont get high of a full joint thats not even weed :-p

  14. ExternalTooth says:

    That’s for sure, we’re just now finishing up that bag haha. Best shit I’ve
    ever smoked by far. We’re gonna look for more this week, got a new guy

  15. Waffles says:

    When it’s medical grade you don’t have to be fucking choking yourself every
    hit man..Doesn’t have to look like a fucking wiz khalifa music video

  16. kyle keener says:

    I’ve never felt like that after smoking cannabis so please stop making this
    plant look bad

  17. batfly says:

    Try watching the Hobbit stoned out of your gored…. Dude… And then try
    not to freak out from all the people while waiting for the movie to
    start…. Talk about auditory overload man.

  18. infmsdc5 says:

    i also get auditory hallucination and floaty off the sugar daddy strain.
    might be the strong batch or something. lol

  19. Tomas Hendriks says:

    I really like the video and audio FX allot 😀

  20. SaltyTheClown says:

    You were just really baked haha

  21. Christian Pieratt says:

    First of all you smoke everyday so your tolerance is up. Once I took a
    three day tolerance break with some friends. We then all smoked three
    blunts laced with potent wax each (indica and sativa strains). We then all
    ate the most potent brownies we could find. We then smoked many more bowls
    of hybrid strains with more wax. We all experienced some auditory
    hallucinations (deepening/distortion of sounds). We all saw intense auras
    around each other. It was a very shroom-like beautiful experience.

  22. ImaginaryGod says:

    Auditory hallucinations are creepy. I’ve heard all kind of strange voices
    in my head. Never on cannabis by itself though. If I stay awake and party
    for three days things get a bit strange..

  23. blinkycc13 says:

    that audio effect was awesome!

  24. TheLizardvideos says:

    yes first

  25. MrHomeNucleonics says:

    i disagree. they are equal to me. regardless of the care of physical
    addiction, if you are prepared to live with them, which amounts to moderate
    discomfort with the available medications to get rid of diahrreah, nausea,
    sweats and sleep. Many people are on pain meds and perform hard manual
    labor everyday. weed mixed with opiates is cloud fucking 1000