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11 Responses

  1. leblebist says:

    I just have to laugh at guys who think more watts the better the plant.
    That yellowing are burns. You are burning the hell out of them and leaves
    are down, trying to get away from all that excess light. How would you like
    to get roasted? I’ve seen guys growing corn sized buds with a pair of 400w
    metal and HPS combo, in a 12’X12′ room with an old, 8 tray Hydrofarm setup.
    Try it sometime, you’ll thank me buddy.

  2. BAT MAN says:

    Do you grow at your house(if that’s not too personal of a question)? How do
    you hide it from friends and guests and people. I’ve been thinking of
    growing in my garage with my roommates, but just don’t want
    guests/friends/the owner to find it. Your plants are lookin really nice
    btw, what do you estimate your yield will be?

  3. Cliff Pickett says:

    Did you say you feed every watering during flower? Im running something
    similar to pro mix and still trying to figure out the perfect schedule.
    Also how many plants you got in there? Thanks.

  4. kschambers70 says:

    1500 to much go down bout 5 r 6 hundred o2. Your temps will drop. Peace

  5. lee of london says:

    yeah by day 40 theres not too much you can do to change things round, never
    grown this myself but maybe its a strain that really pack on late in
    flower…..lets hope so…TCM !!

  6. MrMarkovOrange says:

    6x1000w lights?

  7. alxloly says:

    your soil is running out of gas

  8. randomuzahname says:

    Garden is looking flawless.I like the slideshow (close ups) idea, looking
    forward to that fo sho! Sorry to keep bugging you with questions, but I’m
    super curious about the smell. Is it more OG or PK?

  9. UrbanBudder says:

    damn looking good

  10. jason wright-brown says:

    Another thing what would u consider the perfect medium for the setup ur
    using? 2parts moss, chicken shit coco etc?! Im only A few years into
    growing and still looking for that perfect mix! I freakn hate having pipes
    and perlite everywhere its messy and downright a pain in the arse but i do
    love the automation of it all! Any help on diy soils would be much
    appreciated my email is if u could send some
    info 😀 by the way… Sensational vids mate keep up the good work!

  11. jason wright-brown says:

    Fkn awesome looking setup bro! I can fully appreciate what you said about
    perfection in one of ur other vids.. Which brings a question to mind! If u
    had the option and could be bothered mucking around with proper irrigation
    methods would u opt for a 100% perlite medium? Our boys have great results
    from perlite we pull 1p per 600w 10-20 days veg