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15 Responses

  1. TectonicBreeder says:

    Awesome! I agree. I love to juice the leaves, and topicals the most for the
    medicinal benefits for me.

  2. Esmond Eshman says:

    Thank you for your videos, your informative and your videos have helped me
    out. Peace

  3. rreece72 says:

    Chef Derek B!

    Love the channel and thank you for what you do! Quick question for you if
    you don’t mind. What is your watering wand set up? Are you running a pump
    of some sort to the wand? I am using pitchers to feed which is cool and
    works but I noticed your hook up and wanted to ask you about it!


  4. OtisspunkmeyerAxiomChannel says:

    hey try medi- one its really good and its more organic than GH’s GO you
    will need a calcium and you got calmag
    i use to use GO its great but Medi one really rocks its so simple ive
    never had a problem for a year now

    do you eat hemp oil just regular hemp oil its good too

  5. OtisspunkmeyerAxiomChannel says:

    garlic oil kills em too they are vampires

  6. DertyMIQwerty42N says:

    Good video, much respect. I’ll check out your book, keep it updated and it
    will grow in popularity 8)

  7. Jas An says:

    chef – what r ur thoughts on super soil?

  8. Eric Chepanonis says:

    I think you would really enjoy Biobizz products! They are the only ones I
    use for outdoors in soil and soil-less indoors….I use a combination of
    Biobizz and general organics in hydro in doors by necessity. Biobizz is a
    bit expensive but it’s well worth it in my opinion.

  9. Burton Butler says:

    you say the water that comes from a water softener is salty. I thought that
    way also for years and no salt in the water from a water softener. But
    recharge the resin beads that soften your water. Sodium ions (without the
    chloride, so no longer “salt”) attach to the resin beads, “charging” them.
    When your untreated water flows through the softener, the sodium ions are
    exchanged for the minerals in your water that cause hardness and stains
    (such as iron, lime, and manganese). The sodium has now replaced the
    hardness in your water.

  10. aknuthatch says:

    the ph of your digestive system has to be acidic to digest your food..
    testing your saliva doesn’t tell you anything about the ph in your cells..
    next time you have a blood panel done, have them test your ph.. your vids
    are invaluable… thank you very much.. 

  11. MrSeedeeznuts says:

    nice vid chef … i use biothrive bloom from start to finnish ‘ no more

  12. Ben Dova says:

    What exactly does the bio marine do ?

  13. Chef Derek Butt says:

    Grow Organic.

  14. DertyMIQwerty42N says:

    Vegamatrix is the 95 percent one youre talking about right? I hate how Kyle
    Kushman puts veganic all over it, then in the fine print on his site, he
    says its 5 percent chemicals. Thats garbage and should be illegal IMHO.
    General Organics is actually mostly veganic based nutrients. If you use
    just the biothrive. bioweed, calmg, diamond black, and bioroot is all leafy
    and mineral based nutrients. Good point on the GMO soybeans, I didnt think
    about that! Check out MEDIONE by green planet nutrients, bubbleman and all
    them use that as their only feed! Also, Earth Juice has been tested
    sidebyside and shown to produce the best organic quality herbs out of most
    of the popular nute companies. It produces almost as much yield as Advanced
    nutes, but the quality is superior by far because the main 3 part normal
    feed of Earth Juice is all organic.

  15. lawrence04981 says: