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24 Responses

  1. jan monsen says:

    This was a great video, im really pleased. Maybe one of the best…..Thank you.

  2. Brad Street says:

    roll up a fatty sit back and enjoy :D

  3. kai kai roberts says:

    please for the love of god end your life.

  4. sugarpuffextrem says:

    This guys voice sounds like smth I associate with the 90´s :S Its weird lol

  5. mda037 says:

    If I were to upload a video such as this, I would disable the comments. Name calling, fake advertising, ridiculous statements….What’s the point? Some of you people must be really bored. Weed can actually raise your IQ if you allow it – try it sometime.

  6. Sabtath Equlmath says:

    I am idiot yet you agreed with me, are you a retarded faggot, or just brain dead?

  7. Forsake Pariah says:

    … will this work on my tomatoes?

  8. Sabtath Equlmath says:

    There is synthetic weed.

  9. RAKDOS A says:

    I couldn’t agree more,bro,

  10. TruthSayer15000 says:

    I have ROCK SOLID SCIENTIFIC PROOF on my channel

  11. TheSawJigsaw says:

    Smile and Wave boys, smile and wave….

  12. Jean Desire Lamarque says:

    very nice

  13. Crosby, Pills and Hash says:

    I agree my friend. Marijuana is terrible. Love your name by the way. Jail pot users for life.

  14. dayjavu1995 says:


  15. jimmywrangles says:

    You are deeply disturbed.
    You should probably smoke a joint and calm the fuck down before you murder and eat your boyfriend.

  16. andrew merrick says:

    obvious troll is obvious. ignore em

  17. zbstr611 says:

    dangers? you must not get out often or even bother to do your own research! ignorance at its best! smoke some herb, it’ll probably help you to think more openly.

  18. zbstr611 says:


  19. zbstr611 says:


  20. Phat Wax says:

    you prob never smoked weed

  21. Red Lion says:

    You are a retard

  22. phatjointcrew says:

    Then grow the one plant my friend and enjoy. Peace

  23. zbstr611 says:

    ive used about six seeds, one of which i know the strain it came from, and the rest are unknown, as they where given to me. oh, and i also noticed that the chlorol remover is just that stuff that is used for fish tanks to get rid of the bad stuff, can i use any? well, i went ahead and did it. the liquid i used has the same characteristics as the one you used, just different brand.

  24. MrPlanethugger says:

    @ marijuana makes you violent I hope your not using the reefer madness science from the 30’s to try and convince people that this plant in dangerous. You need to get with the times mate, we have proven the benefits of this god given plant.