Cannabis Companion Stinging Nettle part 4: OG Diesel Experiment

Day 54 into flower for this 3 gallon OG Diesel plant. The 3 gallon smart pot was filled with plain pro-mix as a test, no additives, no inoculants, no worm po…

New : Limbo’s Open Grow Forum on This video is make for home growers of cannabis plants to show my way of building and growing. There are a …
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39 Responses

  1. nicorbit says:

    Waw !! This is beautiful !
    I made nettle manure and “boneknit” manure for my very first grow (outdoor,
    finished inside by the windows, so nothing crazy 😉 ) here in Belgium, but
    this companion thing rocks 😀
    Nettles are everywhere here, so this won’t be hard :-p

  2. Moon Fruit says:

    you know any plants that could provide phosphorus?

  3. Theo M. says:

    all you do is brutally top the nettle…she tries to take over
    sometimes…but through ‘over-pruning’ you get a semi-controlled/inhibited
    growth without needing to dig up the nettle. Also, the nettle is like a
    food manager, she doesn’t just provide food during famine, she helps to
    store some extra food during times of excess so long as its not drastic
    over-nuting…she’s got limits of course, but nettle’s like a
    plant-dietician that makes house calls 🙂 Aloe companion sounds awesome!

  4. jonny rotten says:

    theo where have you been mang>? Ive been searching for a mind like your for
    it seems like eons lol! Thankyou for taking time, explaining things in easy
    detail, and just bein an allround cool kat! I for one truly appreciate
    everything you do to help so many props dude!

  5. jonny rotten says:

    much love theo, maybe pnce i grasp my video camera lol, i can share also.
    German chamomile sounds verynice.

  6. jonny rotten says:

    Thanks theo, since im trying to fully grasp enzyme tea’s that i was put on
    to by the rev, and the tlo craze. I fin enzyme tea’s do what i need to keep
    the ladies happy. I have 4 full size aloe growing and put one baby aloe
    adjacent to the main stem of my ladis to SEE what if anything happens. I
    may go nettle im just worried itll shoot for the moon with my kinda
    conditions lol!

  7. FatBoyChowder Chowder says:

    i sent you a pm

  8. Theo M. says:

    I read that Clover is more for nitrogen-fixing and vegetative growth but
    that it requires added bacteria to properly work…so its not a true
    stand-alone companion. Stinging Nettle is awesome as a feeder for cannabis
    as you can see above 🙂 Chamomile is supposed to be an awesome essential
    oil increasing companion plant for cannabis as well, I’m actually sprouting
    some German Chamomile seeds right now…thats my next experiment! Best of
    luck to you!

  9. Theo M. says:

    thank you for watching! love the awesome feedback, I’ll keep posting if you
    guys keep watching 🙂

  10. jonny rotten says:

    ieally enjoy this companion video im seeing. Is there another plant that
    would be as ideal as nettle? i have a barrell cactus and beans in the
    flower room ll maybe i could incorporate somthing? I have a mr. nice med
    man, and two ww x cheese in week 4 of flower atm, with a week 2 pe pe le
    dank from ggg. I,d love some companion advice as i am 100% organics.

  11. Theo M. says:

    thanks for watchin dude! 🙂

  12. pufifa says:

    loving this series of yours man! loving led zepps also!!!!!!!!! awesome
    this is, thanx for sharing dude!

  13. FatBoyChowder Chowder says:

    looking good

  14. Theo M. says:

    thanks man! trust me, you’ll be pleased you tried it. Someday I might try
    clover patches for the vegging stage because they are supposed to provide
    tons of nitrogen…you’d have to peel off the clover patch as you entered
    the flowering stages, but since clover has such shallow roots, it might be
    a pretty easy way to feed using permaculture-type tactics. I’ll be sure to
    post more as I go 🙂

  15. castiron1969 says:

    Mapito rocks!! Great to see you still at it Limbo…Peace

  16. JRN2222 says:

    How many plants were there?

  17. Mišan Kopal says:

    Do u using HPS spectre throught the grow stadium? And how much every week u
    ADD EC? Great Job..I love your own way to build growroom and grow this
    monstrums 🙂 B.I.G Up from CZ ;)

  18. VivaLaCody1 says:

    Song name? 

  19. 340wbymag says:

    Good work! I love the music too!

  20. ricky hart says:

    great videos…love the backround music happy I found your site and thank

  21. MrDemonslayer82 says:

    This is why I followed you my friend!!! Amazing happy holidays I wish I can
    talk to you and ask advice 

  22. 69Kzoo says:

    damn so nice buddz u probably use more then 250w Lamps eh?

  23. ART SKIN says:

    Another great setup, nice work. Beautiful girls!

  24. Turbofukus says:

    My hero I love ur videos. You are my inspiration

  25. SniperPFL says:

    uh nm i realize now that ur pointing out what you would have liked
    included, and not actually asking hehe relax though Limbo kicks ass

  26. Jorge Benites says:


  27. HANS GROW says:

    SO GOD

  28. Soul DeSantos says:


  29. DIMPLEKEY says:

    firstclass thanks limbo,have a great new year.

  30. THC CBD says:

    Springtails are not harmful to the roots nor the rest of the plant. 🙂

  31. ned marlon purcell says:

    what kind of soil is that??

  32. Re Up says:

    Gooooot damn nice grow

  33. Robt k says:

    Nice what strain and nutes?

  34. Danktrain says:

    Love the classic Limbo music again. What about a Doe Maar – Nederwiet ? LOL
    I lived in the Nederland for two jaar. Love the people and culture.

  35. Totte Nator says:

    thats some huge chunky buds love it! this medium you are using does it work
    like plain soil?

  36. JAGuilar p says:

    Very very nice, as always…..

  37. amean94ta says:

    Dry weight?

  38. yakuzi81 says:

    awesome plants … like always 🙂

  39. joe blow says:

    mapito rockwool n foam mix