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  1. Theo M. says:

    I can’t imagine there being any trouble, as long as you make sure she’s getting enough light at that height, she should be able to sustain any height above the dirt 🙂

  2. big tex says:

    if you lst’ed her do you see any reason she couldn’t be kept shorter than 6″?

  3. Theo M. says:

    Cannabis can handle being root bound for quite an extended period before it dies…I’ve tried letting plants “bind themselves” to death and I simply just don’t see it…with proper feeding and watering, plants should almost never need transplanting to survive…they should only need transplanting to thrive. I keep my momsai’s small only when I plan to not clone off them regularly, so I usually upsize their pots before starting to take clones from them again, to destress the mom first

  4. Justin Rennegarbe says:

    I really want to do this just because of limited space and I dont need many clones.. But Im growing in coco/perlite mix, Im not too sure how root pruning will work. would definetely be easier in a square pot, but I kinda already started the plant in a solo cup haha.. you said you kept one in a small container for a year w/o root pruning? How?

  5. Theo M. says:

    I am currently rooting a Sugar Maple seedling and a Carmine Jewel Dwarf Cherry Tree cutting for a bonsai display I’m planning, and I also purchased my Seedless Kishu Mandarin Tangerine Bonsai (10yrs old or so) for about $120 from the BonsaiBoyofNewYork website. Definitely worth the investment, I’ve already eaten one harvest of two mandarins and I’ve got 5 currently ripening on branches right now 🙂

  6. Wreckless Erik says:

    Finally info I have been looking for! Got anything else bonsai?

  7. ben smith says:

    you vocie sounds great u should be a news reporter

  8. Theo M. says:

    I assume its just genetics…I’ve heard some purple buds can bleed purple after topping from other folks but I’ve never seen it myself. Probably no big deal 🙂

  9. xhighdavex says:

    im looking forward to the root pruning videos.. I toped my plant and it was bleeding purple does that mean anything?

  10. Theo M. says:

    It will depend on the strain and its growth characteristics for the most part…some strains really hate being root bound…they start preflowering hard and become hard to clone…other strains love root binding and stretch nice so cuttings are easier to take…I’d start with the smallest possible pots, when the plant gets over root bound, try some root pruning techniques to put it back into some new soil…but if you’re doing this correctly, you’ll never need a bigger pot than you started with

  11. Dan Kai says:

    I want to have about 6 or 8 cuttings each 2 months, so it could be really small, the smallest possible, once I had a mother in a 4 gallon bucket, and it got so big I wasnt able to control it, so I ended up flowering it and it yielded a lot of ganja, but for security reasons Im wishing to keep it as small as possible this time so I can grow as stealthy as I can.

  12. Theo M. says:

    Sadly most of the information you’re asking for will be based on the plant you grow and its genetics…certain strains will need more rootspace than others. Always try to have enough root space to match the amount of above ground growth that you expect to allow for your mother plant. I had a momsai in a 4″ square nursery pot for about 1 year without ever root pruning her…so root pruning shouldn’t be constant at all…it should be rare.

  13. Dan Kai says:

    Thanks! Now I have a question, how small can the pot be? I want to keep the plant real small, Im using a 2 liter plastic bottle for the bigger plant, and small 500ml cups for the 2 smaller ones, where do you advise me to keep the mom? Remembering I need them small and stalky, but healthy, and I want the mother to last at least a year. I know how to prune roots and all, but in a small cup the mother will need root pruning constantly wont it? How long will it take for the plant to outgrow the cup?

  14. Theo M. says:

    sounds like a solid plan, best of luck dude 🙂

  15. Dan Kai says:

    I have almost no space for vegetation, and 3 plants of the same strain, gonna chose the mother by flowering clones, the clones of the plant that does the best will become the mother.

  16. Theo M. says:

    no prob :)

  17. KillKar10 says:

    thank you man that really helps(:

  18. Theo M. says:

    Nice! Thanks for watchin dude, I’m plannin to do a video soon of a major root pruning session, followed up by updates on how the ‘down sized’ plant survived and thrived…I’ve just finished testing the theory without filming, now I gotta do a filmed version 😉 Thanks for the sub too, I’ll return the favor shortly!

  19. xhighdavex says:

    I love the idea ill keep it in mind

  20. Theo M. says:

    Bonsai training is basically taking the clippers to both sides of the plant…the leaves and the roots…you control the plant and its roots to a very small size, but its high stress training. The plant’s final yield is determined by the size of its root space, so bonsai technique will harm your yield and quality…If you really think about it, bonsai is basically plant-cruelty…I only do it for space saving purposes 🙁

  21. KillKar10 says:

    plus i just like the idea of training the plant it makes it more beautiful haha 😀

  22. KillKar10 says:

    would bonsaing help the flowing ultimatly if you wished to flower in the late stages of the plants.
    like if you were to make the stems very thick and have manny nodes could you have a better flowering?

    sorry if this is hard to understand im very new to this idea

  23. Theo M. says:

    Victory Cultivation Through Hemp!!!! 😉

  24. bazel beyothc says:

    Victory Through Hemp Cultivation!!!!

  25. Theo M. says:

    no prob dude, thanks for watchin! 🙂