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25 Responses

  1. Brian Sanchez says:

    They will re-veg but you get shitty weed where u trimmed them for the first
    harvest. They will grow bigger and fluffier. 

  2. Kim DISSING says:

    did it revegetate?

  3. John Webb says:

    +jim short
    Just keep a strong air flow on the plant, wait until they get about twelve
    inches, then keep a fan on it non stop. And soon your mail stem will be
    like a stick.

  4. Andrew Pope says:

    Yes keep the light on it and they will come back like a hedge bush

  5. Simon Goldsborough says:

    its 50/50 weather they re-veg , I’m trying one now but onlyhad it work 3
    times in the past 

  6. Juan Santiago says:

    I cut the leaves underneath the top of the bud area and it looks like my
    plant is dying can somebody tell me something well actually I cut every big
    leaves that I had on my plant and its like a its dying can somebody please
    help me

  7. jim short says:

    How can i thicken my main stem

  8. milehighty91 says:

    Are you ever gonna do a follow up vid?

  9. billrock12 says:

    This is one of the reasons why people clone their plants.

  10. david fry says:

    Yeah man it will grow back fine

  11. LesterWicked says:

    If you like the plant and want to keep the genetics around then by all
    means reveg it. It’ll take some time, but if it’s worth it to you and you
    have the extra space then I say go for it. Just ph your water and that’s
    it…no overpriced bs needed, it’s a weed.

  12. Richard Vert says:

    Oh ya. It will grow just fine. Treat it as you would any plant in veg and
    you’re in for a real eye opener. They grow new branches out and they’ll be
    covered with bud. They look like they have dreadlocks when they’re done
    with multiple colas growing in all directions. I have 2 white widow re-vegs
    going right now that are just getting news leaves now. Give them a couple
    weeks to adjust back to veg and they’ll take off. Give it some nitrogen. 

  13. Amber Howe says:

    Yes it wilk work

  14. Juiced Cannabis says:

    I made a mistake when I harvested my latest marijuana plant. I cut it back
    to far.

    All I have left is the stalk, the roots and just one small bud on a lower
    stem – and I wonder if this plant will grow back into the vegetative leafy
    state if I leave it under 24 hour light?

    Will this plant recover or is it too late?
    Will the harvest cause the rest of the marijuana plant to die?
    Or will this cannabis plant recover and grow new shoots?

    Is it a common thing to re-flower marijuana for extra harvests?


  15. Str8OuttaDaCPT says:

    Cause the one root in the bottom of it looks dead I think. So wondering if
    I can replant it again. 

  16. yous mugs says:

    stick aload of superthrive into it

  17. shawdy1969 says:

    Hey did it recover and grow some???? Like to know

  18. Str8OuttaDaCPT says:

    PLEASE ANSWER THIS @juiced cannabis. I don’t have a plant but like I have a
    leaf from the plant an it used to smell but not anymore. Is there a way you
    can make it have that good smell scent again? Like if you water it maybe?
    Idk. PLZ someone let me know. 

  19. Wyatt Kohn says:

    i seen g420g put a vid of the same thing but a much bigger stock and i been
    wondering if it can start back up and keep the same plant going and just
    keep on harvesting it is it possible ?

  20. Juiced Cannabis says:

    Yes – it is possible. And I had planned on leaving several small branches
    on this plant, but then forgot while trimming, and I trimmed off too much –
    the plant lasted for about 2 weeks after this, and was looking hopeful…
    but then I gave up on it.

  21. Wyatt Kohn says:

    did it ever re veg back iv been lookin this up for awhile but haven’t found

  22. Chad Lozano says:

    Should have pulled clones from her dude lol. I sure as hell pulled some
    from my outdoor NL. She did awesome in this 106 desert summer so I had to
    keep her going lol.

  23. Juiced Cannabis says:

    this plant died. 🙁 I just don’t think the wee bits of leaf were enough to
    ‘breath’ for the entire massive root system. I tried putting a strong fan
    on it, and that slowed down the death.. but I simply took off too much bud
    for this plant to recover.

  24. Ryan Humberg says:

    continue watering it and you will be good brother. Thank you for juicing!

  25. Pat McCrotch says:

    24/0 light required. I can be done. But honestly.. I wouldn’t waste the
    watt$ on it.. I also think you took too much off. Nice to see vids again.
    I’ll get sum soon. Peace.