building a legal medical marijuana grow room part 03 –

New : Limbo’s Open Grow Forum on This video is make for home growers of cannabis plants to show my way of building and growing. There are a …
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After my medical marijuana indoor home weed grow up update, I share my special way of sustained-release medication when Juicing my strain of cannabis with th…

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50 Responses

  1. avers Soundzz says:


  2. KEN CEOINCUSA says:

    How did you know those were female seeds????? Nice shit thanks for the tips
    keep up the good work.

  3. Dank Dynasty says:

    love the vid thanks for sharing =)) keep it simple keep it green

  4. Limbo Holland says:


  5. Andrew Shawgo says:

    Ur fucking stupid the leaves make the food for the plant thats like saying
    cutting the roots makes the leaves bigger i see where ur coming from but no
    it doesnt help the plant will actually use 2× the energy to heal itself

  6. Limbo Holland says:

    No, two times and max. three times a WEEK

  7. DARKVADE420 says:

    hey nice to see an update .i didnt relize you was doing every 4 weeks ,but
    its looking great so far can;t wait to see the next vid.

  8. koerschblueten says:

    great music , nice to watch 🙂

  9. Gently in the East says:

    best place to grow it is outside, just let it grow naturally

  10. geetarwanabe says:

    look at all you druggies lol

  11. Limbo Holland says:

    everyone has their own way and theory. For me this works well

  12. matt pooper says:

    Sure…. “Legal”

  13. Limbo Holland says:

    w w w . l i m b o – c o. c o m

  14. lazerith840 says:

    Man I’m not trying to talk shit but your method of germinating is lacking.
    It seems like you stunt the plants alot. By one month old, my plants are
    usually above 6in tall. You might want to consider using rockwool cubes
    instead of pots of dirt to transplant your seeds into so you dont have to
    shock the plant by messing with its roots. Also dont cut the leaves ITS NOT
    A CLONE, that stunts the growth of plants grown from seed. YOU STUNT YOUR

  15. MrNikogda says:

    and that just can not be put in mapito was?

  16. outdo0rmaster says:

    2 to 3 times per week (two to max three times per week) 😀

  17. Donnie Ross says:

    Limbo where did you get your PP seeds?

  18. dank smoker says:

    one of the best grow vids on the tube

  19. Lee Morgan says:

    with that much space i would just grow like 3 giant plants!

  20. NorCalBayBoi says:

    Best of youtube man good shit! One question, how big are the plastic pots
    with mapito? 12″x12″??

  21. JAGuilar p says:

    another nice and clean setup. Soooo gratefully for the video. Ty Limbo

  22. TeamGRN420 says:

    you dont want seedlings or clones to do anything except grow roots. this
    cuts down the photosynthesis. i cut mine, but only enough to see when i get
    new growth. this guy goes bananas, i was surprised they didnt die lol

  23. Drone Xavier says:

    Almost all Dutch growers do this. It’s all about timing and preferred
    development at those timed moments.

  24. Flo Flojueae says:

    hi what is the title of this song ? thx

  25. avers Soundzz says:

    hey limbo you need to put a video up on to make those clone trays and the
    watering system, can you please tell us how u at least build the system for
    floood those clones that you have up

  26. Juiced Cannabis says:

    Sorry all – YouTube fucked up the comment system something silly – and I
    can no longer reply to individual comments it seems.

  27. Michael William says:

    Can you hit me up I’m treating a severe ms patient and
    have some questions thanks my man

  28. Juiced Cannabis says:

    Sorry Chris, I can’t help you. – search for Resin Seeds, and see if they
    have any in stock.

  29. chris ingrisano says:

    can you help me to get some seeds or clones of the diesel tonic so i can
    get the highest bcd that i need? can you help me.

  30. Sourlifebeatz says:

    good vid whats the song at 18:29

  31. Juiced Cannabis says:

    Yep – be sure to drop by MyPotLog website, I have details on how I obtained
    my prescription – only good in Canada, expires March 2014… then, I

  32. Juiced Cannabis says:

    yes indeed! I am Canadian. Where are you from?

  33. alphanumericlogic says:

    Sounds like you have a Canadian accent. Am I right?

  34. alphaprocyonx says:

    hehehe sweet! Fun is short for Function! lol

  35. Juiced Cannabis says:

    Sweet advice! And I am keen to create a side-by-side comparison video!

  36. Juiced Cannabis says:

    Seek seeds for plants that have been tested to produce a rich level of CBD.
    I wish you luck on your journey – and please feel free to come back and ask
    any questions!

  37. AravisNC says:

    Hey, really interested in juicing even though I dont even how to grow.
    Which characteristics should I seek in seeds for juicing?

  38. victormorenoortega says:

    Snoop Doggs garden

  39. Juiced Cannabis says:

    I started the Dieseltonic in the middle of January and flowered it for 62?

  40. capricechild92 says:

    Looking great! Watchn you for 4:20pm! Your veg room is huge! I’ve got like
    12-18 in veg cause I’m out of

  41. Guy Baldridge says:

    Juice it reduce it to a fine oil let it cool put it in capsules and you’ll
    have your doses all ready to go for months 😉 happiest days ahead for you
    God bless you! 😉

  42. Angie LupusLife says:

    great info, hope your week is going well

  43. Juiced Cannabis says:

    Thanks Guy – but the raw juiced cannabinoids must remain in their acid form
    so that is is non-psychoactive… in order to tolerate this kind of dosage.
    It cannot be heated, so I’m not sure about how to concentrate it.

  44. Juiced Cannabis says:

    Yes – I went madd taking cuttings… then started seedlings… so many
    mothers now, I have no need for any new cuttings for the next four months!

  45. jennaynay701 says:

    I am interested in steam distilling leaves for cbd oil. Does anyone know
    about this or have any experience?

  46. Safe T Driver says:

    New sub here. was a great show, nice setup and its great to see how others
    are preparing Cannabis juice! one love brother. smoke tuff

  47. Juiced Cannabis says:

    Yes, I am using the wrong kind of juicer and will upgrade soon – thanks for
    the tip on the BULLET Juicer!

  48. Juiced Cannabis says:

    yes I do know about #ricksimpsonoil – but I don’t like the processing to
    make oil and concentrates – that is bad for the atmosphere.

  49. PERCEPTIMUS says:

    u know about the rick simpson hemp oil right?

  50. Juiced Cannabis says:

    now THAT is interesting! Thing is, with the raw cannabis therapy, one can
    ingest much, much stronger dosages of CBD and THC because they have not
    been heated and turned into the psychoactive form of the meds… once the
    THC acid (raw form) is heated above 105C, it becomes psychoactive form of
    THC – and the tolerable treatment dosage drops…