blue dream harvest weight and trimming tools

in this video i show a couple of my fat cola nugs that are done drying i also show what kind of trimmers i use for cutting my plants without getting blisters…
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Trimming your marijuana plants from the bottom up, to ensure maximum light penetration.
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29 Responses

  1. SirSly420 says:

    Yeah i know but I’m too broke … I’m down for donations for a new camera

  2. SirSly420 says:

    @DankyWeed Thnx bro I think grow cabinets work better than tents I don’t
    know forsure tho good luck with your garden

  3. Nightshifts Daily says:

    Looks tasty. I just started flowering those Jillybean and Blue Dream clones
    I got from you. Keep up the good grows.

  4. dylan doodical says:

    Dude… You need to get a better cam for us to fully appreciate the beauty
    of these buds… hahaha. Great growing man, keep it up!

  5. Stu Bru says:

    Newf 😉

  6. alexanderthekev says:

    its ricky if he wasnt born in a trailer

  7. Andy Mac says:

    thanks for the heads up that was a close one 😀

  8. rober schuler says:

    its not going to look anything like that when its done and you know
    it!!!!!. its going to be top heavy as fuck!!!!! major support will be
    needed, and after it stretches it will be way too tall for most rooms..
    this is NOT how to prune in veg. you sir are an idiot.

  9. rober schuler says:

    that’s because your BUDDY know what hes doing and YOU don’t….. he probly
    cuts all those big ass branches in half, exposing the bottom. that way his
    plant don’t get too tall. lolipopping is usually done 2 or 3 weeks into
    flower already.

  10. OGASeeds says:

    what did you not hear the fans going? air was changed every thirty seconds.
    I do not really buy that theory either, unless you have a “clean room”
    meaning medical grade, how you keeping stuff out? Smoke will still get in
    there from other rooms

  11. mrbelmont2000 says:

    @OGASeeds oh my bad i thought i was replying to someone hehe anyway i might
    as well ask you is it ok to re pot a plant thats in the first stages of

  12. MrStoneClark says:

    Was that a NFLD tatoo I see on your arm bro? 🙂 Peace from Nova Scotia!

  13. George W Bush says:

    is this shit legal?

  14. OGASeeds says:

    @SpongyLikeALizard Well before, I typically do this about 3 or 4 days
    before I flip lights. I also will go back in and clean up the new lower
    stuff, that shows up the first weeks of flower, but I do not touch them
    after about week 2.5

  15. MercifiesProductions says:

    haha 2:11 your camera is stoned and thats why it sounds liek that

  16. Bobby Lashley says:

    he thinks he is so bad ass when he is toking lol

  17. Babby Babbyson says:

    oh god at 2:05 my fucking ears RIP headphone users

  18. mastodonseven says:

    @OGASeeds why not tie it down

  19. SpongyLikeALizard says:

    When do you do this? Before Flowering or After?

  20. nicksille says:


  21. Cody Allan says:

    glad to see your videos are so popular man! keep up the good work!

  22. TheHumes says:

    From canada lol tell by the way he says sorry sound like seth rogan

  23. effoffu says:

    @WhatsLyrics not spaming m8 just showing the buds your cutting off my vids
    are removed all the time m8 only put them up to show that i know what im
    talking about when i reply to a vid m8

  24. OGASeeds says:

    @smvjr7 Yeah I could have kept them for clones, and if you look at some of
    my earlier work, you will see that I did just that.. But this was a medical
    grow that has to stay under a certain number of plants. That includes
    seedlings, cuts, vegging , and flowering. By going over numbers, the risk
    is there to be shut down and have your med permit revoked. Thus being shut
    down is not beneficial to propogation either

  25. effoffu says:

    @effoffu PS. WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU NO

  26. Blazedbakery says:

    Get high. Get hungry. Find and share blazed munchies at: blazedbakery. com

  27. Sev Stone says:

    WARNING…..@ 2:05 TURN DOWN THE VOL. i’ll be deaf for like a week SmH

  28. Adam Resnik says:

    Skrillex Bg !

  29. ron slaven says:

    like how you bash and roll your eyes at your boys plant lol