Bill Clinton, George Bush, and Barack Obama talk about their Marijuana use

Bill Clinton, George Bush, and Barack Obama talk about their Marijuana use

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32 Responses

  1. Mr. Ntane says:

    Barack, not my president, but mah nigga ;)

  2. Daki Deshu says:

    When you smoke weed it is very helpful, because the world opens up and you
    can get really spiritual enlightened. Weed is not bad, it has no negative
    side effects

  3. Jaefar SABNW says:

    Smoking marijuana or tobacco is worse than heroin is on the brain and
    body. Notice how I did not refer to tar or the 20-99% other that is
    present when by making it with drain cleaner, paint thinner, and surface
    cleaner instead of just processing the morphine with a chemical found in a
    common food product or another safe chemical morphine can be processed
    with. There is no medical reason to smoke marijuana.

  4. Brittannia Moon says:

    where is the damn sound?

  5. Frank M says:

    This country is willing to put someone in jail for 30 years just for using
    an herb, and at the same time will only put someone in prison for 5 years
    for rape.

  6. lrmy says:

    The three in this video give us potheads a bad name.

  7. rmcdaniel423 says:

    Fucking hypocrites.
    Willing to ruin thousands upon thousands of lives with prison sentences,
    and criminal records that prevent progress in one’s life after release from
    prison . . . despite the fact that they would have NEVER been allowed to be
    president if they had been caught in their youth. Clinton, Bush, and Obama
    all deserve to have some jack-booted thug slam them to the ground, shove a
    knee into their backs and a gun at their heads, before being hauled off to
    some shit hole violence-orgy prison for a good decade or so. You know.
    Just to be fair. Do unto themselves what they have done to others, as
    chief administrators of the “laws of the land”.

  8. Marie Absurdus says:

    Although the person who made this video has made a good point in pointing
    out the injustice being done by criminalization of marijuana and the
    discrimination of it’s users, I believe that he went about it the wrong
    way. He made it seem that marijuana is ok simply because important people
    have experimented with it or that it shouldn’t be illegal because everyone
    does it. Those, in my opinion are not good reasons because they do not
    explain the pros (medical) to it’s use or the lack of cons (recreational).
    But I did like the fact that he brought up the issue of people having
    criminal records due to marijuana related crimes, a problem that isn’t
    brought up that often.

  9. Peter Parker says:

    Vaporize! Edibles! 

  10. Jose M. Rodriguez Jr. says:

    2:32 looks like a young DRAKE

  11. nidya rangel says:

    getting drunk is more dangerous then getting high 

  12. mrripstikboy12 says:

    There hasn’t been ONE death reported that was caused by cannabis. Legalize
    it, god damn it!

  13. MindsAblaze says:

    For all of Obama’s attempts at sounding hip, cool, down to earth his drug
    policy has been the WORST. Talk about being the best liar. Just look at the
    incarceration rates from 1992 to today, fucking despicable. I still find it
    funny how kids fall for his lies and try to defend him. Actions speak
    louder than words do kiddos, and he’s fucking us all while pretending to
    being our friend, all of these men do it of course, but Obama is the most
    efficient. Arrest Obama for his felonies, and his crime is not being black
    you dumb fuck racists 

  14. frank smear says:

    bill clinton “i tried it but didnt like it……..i loved that shit haha”

  15. Jiga maxta says:

    ive studied weed and what i think is that the best solution is to legalize
    it, but treat it like ciggarettes. here in the uk we have a strong anti
    smoking culture and many people don’t like seeing smoking around. if weed
    is legalised then i reckon smoking will go up and then fall down. if you
    tax weed heavily and take over all the places to grow it, people have to
    buy it expensive and that poses problems. the whole society is based on
    being care free and being young, so if you take away the attractiveness of
    it, it will become like ciggarettes. im 14 btw. 

  16. Guy Baldridge says:

    All this proves is they used bad judgement at one or more times in their

  17. H4I2I2EE says:

    Bill is lying about trying Marijuana because if he didn’t inhale it did not
    go into the bloodstream and therefore did not get him high which
    constitutes not trying it at all.

  18. Nasu Rosario says:

    i feel you bra weed is harmless unless you abbuse it but for people who
    only smoke weed is not bad being weeded is not a big deal doing hard drugs
    is now anyone who smokes weed is normal my 65 year old dad does nothing
    wrong with it grow up ppl & legalize nationwide!

  19. SillyPuddy2012 says:

    Criminal records, whatever. That’s what expungements are for!

  20. t- KUNIK says:

    “I inhaled, that was the point.” Spoken like a boss

  21. Esmeralda Ortiz says:

    so such thing as sponge you’re record is false?

  22. Gustavo Fring says:

    what a fucking lie you didnt inhale? LIES

  23. Rampage Clover says:

    Obama still uses. Watch the interview he did for the 2012 Olympics. He is

  24. TheEditorialWizard says:

    if you see the plant as purple at the beginning, u high

  25. bobby jindal says:

    Hippocrates and Oppressors

  26. Iamgodof Humancollective says:

    Holy shit I need a farm…..

  27. Iamgodof Humancollective says:

    15 foot gonkers lol

  28. MagnumStream says:

    no sound

  29. Ré sistance says:

    I prefer the other version.The music is cool 🙂

  30. trichometrist1 says:

    amazing !

  31. michael neeley says:

    Do ANY of you WEED GROWERS know anything about SPICE? Spice is sold in
    stores everywhere. $5/5 grams. It comes without a dr. Rx, you don’t have to
    be part of an overpriced club. It has names like: Bob Marleys flying high,
    Trainwreck, KUSH, and comes in all types of “flavors”: strawberry, orange,
    peach, etc. Its says right on the bottle: NOT MADE FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION.
    Inside of the viile you will find a MARSH MALLOW plant that has been cured
    and sprayed w/ chemicals. So fu for voteing “illegal”

  32. MarijuanaCash Crop says: