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24 Responses

  1. greg muir says:

    your plants fixable ya,know!thats happend to tape it:-)

  2. Juiced Cannabis says:

    Hi Esse from Sweden! I use the Hydro Nerds iPhone Microscope attachment –
    but recommend you shop around for different iphone lenses and see what is
    available. I also have a DIY iphone magnifier – I should create a how-to
    video about that… 😉

  3. jonatiino says:

    Lol life is good isn’t it?

  4. esse loco says:

    Nice vid , what do u use too se the trichhomes ? Best luck, fr.o.m. Sweden

  5. Gary Wayne says:

    I paused it at 10:03. Damn! Great vid bro, you just really need a filter
    for your camera, they are so cheap. Your girl looks awesome in panties!

  6. Juiced Cannabis says:

    hey KAZ – thanks for stopping by.

  7. smokajoka420 says:

    Sweet just like old times ..I got to rewind!!! ..and pause. lol ,,for real
    though, super cool vid.

  8. HAZ-EK9 says:

    Please get a better camera before doing this video

  9. Juiced Cannabis says:

    haha – I had to go look again – I added some of the VINE clips I publish to
    @smokepot on Twitter! 😉

  10. qwerty42 says:

    The ending made it even better

  11. Juiced Cannabis says:

    Thanks Rootsgal – hope these macro videos of trichome colors help you
    harvest the best marijuana you can grow!

  12. Rootsgal says:

    Love your trichome segement. TY~

  13. Rootsgal says:

    Love your trichome segement. Thank you~

  14. Juiced Cannabis says:

    go and buy a photographer’s loupe – really cheap, fantastic tool for
    getting to know the best time to harvest marijuana. My experiments with
    harvesting my Afghani strain at 60 days and 75 days have proven the value
    of patience! The Day 60 weed had a few milky trichomes and is a very good
    wakeandbake smoke. The Day 75 weed had 10% amber trichomes, and is a very
    stoney indica that is very good for evenings.

  15. RANDOMxONE24 says:

    I need you help if one of my plants obama kush i don’t know when to harvest
    it and I don’t have a microscope any tips is already on it 9th week

  16. Sazeed Stewart says:

    Love your vids and also you should add up vids of more medical recipes. I’m
    loving them a whole lot and your dieseltonic.

  17. Juiced Cannabis says:

    my bad – I know. I now have installed SCROG netting and supported the heavy
    plants… of course I should have done that long ago, it was easier than I
    thought it would be! Will have updates in next video – that will be a week
    or so.

  18. Juiced Cannabis says:

    Many thanks sparklesproduction – I have been debating the youtube camera
    stabilizer problem… shaky videos are a problem, and the stabilized video
    makes for shaky branding… Thanks for the feedback! I’ll try a little
    something different next video.

  19. CChief144 says:

    Why did you let that thing lay over anyhow. Those buds will not get the
    light they need and also severely block any light penetration to below. Not
    to mention that big split in your stem now. You can tape it back together
    and it’ll be fine but the stress can cause it to herm. You need a trellis

  20. meeeep420 says:

    I’m afraid I’m gonna have to.. kill you! lol

  21. Sparkles ☆ #1 Gaming - CSGO & more ☆ says:

    Nice man, great setup you have. Shame about the split and the male! You
    should add the “” text after you’ve used your camera stabilizer
    program otherwise it kinda dances around the screen =P

  22. Juiced Cannabis says:

    Best Time To Harvest Marijuana – Trichome Study and Grow Room Update

    Close up magnification of Cannabis Trichome to see the best time to harvest

    Each strain of marijuana has it’s own best time to be harvested. When you
    zoom in on the trichomes you can find out when to cut down any marijuana
    plants. This works to select when to pick your indoor marijuana – and it
    also is the best way to tell when to harvest outdoor marijuana.

    Marijuana Grow Room Update

    In this update I show what can happen if you do not support your heavy
    cannabis plants correctly – the stalk of the plant can actually split!!

    Watch for future how to video where we explore how to trim marijuana for
    bigger buds and safer growing.

  23. Angie LupusLife says:

    wonderful information

  24. Cas-tle Grown says:

    Marvelous, medicine for days. Thank You for this.