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7 Responses

  1. jokergnl says:

    is it safe to buy the seeds

  2. Audi2.7Biturbo says:

    Looking good man

  3. B A Jones DTE says:

    i’ll be watching i can’t wait ta get my auto’s going again 

  4. Northern AutoMan says:

    Check out how good these seedlings are doing!!

  5. dirtybongwater grows meds says:

    thanks for the vid ill be looking forward to watching the new autos grow, i
    think you will enjoy the coco. again thanks for the vid and have a great

  6. TheCostboss says:

    +Northern AutoMan Did you pick the winners for the giveaway yet?

  7. Michael Ronson says:

    Help me. I’m getting bugged by this thought that comes up from now where
    telling me to grow Lavender plants alongside my cannabis plants inside my
    growtent…does the fragrance from the Lavender pants clean the air.