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21 Responses

  1. Harry Hathaway says:

    HEY yah Bloody Lymie.Its called VI-TAH-MENS =Vitamins, NOT VIT-TAMINS,yah
    bloody wanker !

  2. Simon Jakobsen says:

    How many G’s did he get ?

  3. thezainth says:

    it says 13 min but its way way longer 😛

  4. amrishhh says:

    full video search for: wiet kweken binnen (engels)

  5. super owls says:

    how many lights and watts do u need to grow 12 plants????cheers

  6. Shark Veto says:

    Is there a website where we can get all the stuff from

  7. berenbotj says:

    drbudman1 are you still struggling to load the rest ? lol

  8. DrBudman1 says:

    sorry watchers, i am struggling to load up the entire video, i will get it
    sorted in the meantime if you message me and want a download link i will
    sort it so you can download direct from my mediafire 🙂

  9. Khalifa Shakur says:


  10. NIVEKMONTY says:


  11. MikayelHaMin says:

    I love the window box! I tried it w/cardboard & duct tape… 2 rolls &
    still had light 🙁 gonna give it a try.. Happy harvest

  12. roccorostagnio says:

    This video is b******* when are they going to make some new ones

  13. Khalifa Shakur says:

    Where do you order the ceiling ring online, the piece you connect the gain

  14. adrian a.d.d says:

    hi mate , could you please send me that link peace

  15. MrLearningalways says:

    Were those clones in soil or rockwool?

  16. MrTrixn says:


  17. Csongor Zag says:

    I need the full video

  18. SwEEtPuRpLeHaZe says:

    I used to have a copy of this video that was about 30 minutes total. That
    one followed the grower through the whole first crop, and provided some
    pretty good info. Unfortunately my laptop died, would you have a link to
    the extended video? If not, no worries, thanks fr a great post!

  19. MasterKush420420 says:

    What was your approximate yield with this setup? 

  20. werdisitcooltho says:

    Literally the most healthy plants I’ve ever seen

  21. williams jerry says:

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