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25 Responses

  1. josh jastura says:


  2. sneak400 says:

    can i take the bigger older leafs off when its in bud

  3. 4pound860 says:


  4. blubberphil1 says:

    Du shit u guys r fags

  5. MrDonses says:

    Your plants look miserable

  6. schecteraxeman17 says:

    this is making me cringe just watching

  7. enacyde says:

    “Medical marijuana Grow Room Tips and Tricks! This is Basic Trimming 101”
    wooooow, dont quit ur dayjob

  8. gabrielhuanosto says:

    wtf are u doing nooo!!!! atleast fcking give em to me shit

  9. weeedism says:


  10. 209BluntSmoker says:

    soo u grab it by the stem an trim the leaves carefuly so u dont get ur
    greacy fingures on the leaves or the bud right?

  11. Sergio Rodrigues says:

    you remind me of my barber snip snip snip… ready. poor girl

  12. Justin Evitts says:

    @pianoPain too bad buds don’t grow on leaves…..

  13. mrsicmade666 says:

    @luzer4life01 LOL

  14. Mario says:

    this guy is so fucking stupid

  15. burtex78 says:

    Take this down. You are wasting you YouTube space. You are cutting off
    branches that would turn nodes and your topping your plant way to late. The
    topping should be done the first 10-15 days. Dumb!!!!

  16. 2drunk2drive101 says:

    Nobody should ever take any “tips” on growing from this guy.

  17. Jack Hickey says:

    Why would you touch the plant that much?! you can make the same points
    without raping it with your hands……lol.

  18. Mrzombiepigman says:

    @Juggalo71493 what the hell are you talking about dipshit? these are
    resilient plants, they arent poisoned because someone touched with their
    hands. you fucking fail.

  19. smophanto says:

    ur giving people wrong info about cultivating and manicring cannabis ,(at
    the wrong stage of growth)i feel bad for those plants and anyone elses
    plants that have actually took advice from this

  20. HuskerSeaofRed says:

    he has no idea.

  21. unearth125 says:

    um u do need circulation under main top cuz if theres no cirulation if its
    budding u can get mold if theres not proper air circulation pp will agree
    with this other growers no these facts too

  22. calsmitjr1 says:

    you can tell by the guy’s jacket that he has long hair and an extreme
    longing for cake

  23. theseekr5 says:

    that is some shit weed man stop mauling your plants you plank of wood and
    if thee a month old and only that size you need help man some of the leaves
    had bad bubbles on them move your light CRANKS

  24. MrSwaytree says:

    not every one that was in the legal bet not …

  25. jumpingmap says:

    you guys are jerks