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  1. Greyz174 says:

    i don’t know that much about this guy. what does he mean by lower vibration

  2. Owen fox says:

    too sensational for words really… <3

  3. luciansilvastorm says:


  4. yurtpoh says:

    awesome! he just interrupted her from calling it a negative substance.
    brilliant. i thought it was someone simply asking about cannabis

  5. Grizwald Grim says:

    *In case you need spiritual reasons to support* #marijuanalegalization


    Note the audience applause 🙂
    Whether an extradimensional being channeled through this guy, or just this
    guy making money – he is *damn* entertaining.

    I’d really like to get some physicists (and I know we have them *somewhere*
    on G+) – into a hangout-on-air and get their take on his claims from a
    scientific angle. It’s an #episode I would like to do.
    cc: +deborah rabbit white +Franklin Stone +NuroSlam FreeMan +Keith McMean +Ronnie
    Bincer +Chris Hoeller +Kelvin Williams +Bruce Marko +Ron Scroggin +Eph Zero
    +Mani Saint Victor +Marja Oilinki

    #seasons2 #episode5 #scene1 

  6. Cheryl Gardner says:

    Cannabis is not a lower vibration energy. It comes from the earth and is a
    teacher that is used to teach us how to create or duplicate the frequency
    that it gives off.

  7. Daphnes Nohansen says:

    I love how everyone cheered when he said cannabis wasn’t a lower vibration
    substance. lol

  8. Adam Perish says:

    How do you generate the frequency of the high while sober?

  9. claudia launer says:

    It will fuck your DNA it was intended ONLY for animals for pain as medicine

  10. Max ime says:

    why do they have to be natural substances? what about LSD which is not

  11. dave warfield says:

    I have trouble getting past the “personality change” but sometimes what he
    says is worth listening too.

  12. Dean Oduah says:


  13. Thomas Michael says:

    In reply 2 “Tycondaroga100” …You could not b more wrong. Do not the
    turtles, fish, etc all learn & grow from watching what another of there
    species breaks out & does first? the answer is yes.(they see learn and
    copy) and obviously this is teaching for lower life forms.

  14. Katherine L. says:

    but it washes away Ayahuasca from your body if you did it. the two don’t
    reside together. only one. at least MJ doesn’t taste bitter, like ayahuasca
    and you don’t purge but they’re both good teachers. Aya…shows you more

  15. Ethel Saryee says:


  16. Carol Runzel says:


  17. Ojo de Horus says:


  18. Joseph Mckinney says:

    Preach it lol

  19. Atanas Gunchev says:

    Exactly my experience. I started smoking before awakening. After the shift
    the “ego” began evaporating in parallel with weed’s effect. I still smoke
    occasionally, but it makes almost zero difference to me. I practically do
    it for the company of my friends.

  20. Tycondaroga100 says:

    Noise for codependents.

    You don’t need this guy or anyone else to instruct you as you walk thru

    Do fish need instruction, do birds need instruction, deer, turtles…etc.
    If you truly believe you are part of the natural universe then trust your
    instincts. The the only thing that will happen is that you will or will not
    succeed the first time.

    But ask yourself this has any animal on the face of the earth ever
    failed…I mean really failed? NO! Why? because what we humans would call
    failing, to them is just “trying”.

    Take initiative. Step up. Walk to the front. Call it what it is. Don’t be
    afraid. You can not fail, you can only try.

    “Failure” is a construct of our society, like the word “time”. it means
    nothing to the natural world.

  21. mike j says:

    If you want to get the full scoop on what cannabis is and how it works so
    incredibly harmoniously with our physiology, check out Dr. Robert Melamede.
    youtube his name, google his name. He’s a double PHD professor at the
    university of colorado who has done the research to show how cannabinoids
    from within our body are essentially the “oil of life”. apparently the
    endo-cannabinoid system has developed for hundreds of millions of years as
    a homeostasis regulatory system to help regulate against the harmful
    effects of life. from my opinion, I will name the 2 most prominent uses of
    cannabinoids in our body: 1) helping on a cellular level (and hence the
    whole organism) deal with the stresses of change. When we are born, mothers
    milk has endogenous cannabinoids in it which help the infant deal with the
    biggest stress of change in it’s newborn life. Therefore, if you make a
    society ANTI-CANNABIS, then you make them more conservative susceptible to
    control. 2) cannabinoids are the Oil of Life, which life evolved to deal
    with the debris of existence, Free Radicals (radiation). Cannabis oils are
    in fact, cancer curing, tumor shrinking, cancer preventative, and
    anti-aging. it is a bold claim that i make,i agree, but it’s backed by
    solid evidence.

    So in conclusion, one might suggest that I would say we should all smoke
    weed. Actually no, smoking the cannabis plant is not exactly the best way
    to access it’s anti-cancerous or anti-aging properties. In fact Dr Melamede
    says that the best, and easiest thing we can do, is to eat hemp seed.
    Cannabis (hemp) seeds have omega-6 & omega-3 essential oils which allow our
    body to create it’s own, endogenous cannabinoids. but if someone is
    critically ill with cancer, they should eat oils from the female cannabis
    plant which will have no psychedelic effect when ingested orally, if the
    materiel has not been heated (decarbed)

  22. claudia launer says:

    We are here to transform so your DNA which was altered long ago has to heal
    if not you will remain at base level . Anything that keeps you in low
    frequency – long term is detrimental .

  23. claudia launer says:

    Don’t you people have something better to do with you body why you so enjoy
    to be in any dimensional lock ? Grow up your self instead take substance
    that will not serve you JUST ANOTHER DISTRACTION .

  24. Kimberley Kiefer says:


  25. Tony Vega says:

    Was this recorded in Amsterdam? The cheering when he said cannabis was not
    a lower vibration food was such that I just couldn’t help but wonder.