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24 Responses

  1. therealmrcheese says:

    Lol just because the seed is old won’t make it any less vigorous ect once
    its growing…. how can you have a cannabis review channel yet know so

  2. William Howell says:

    Small for six weeks

  3. James Dawson says:

    Can anyone help me I’ve got female plants that are 10 weeks old and and I
    have these bubble looking things on bottom does anyone know what they are? 

  4. Soap G says:

    how many hours per day was royal creamatic exposed to sunlight??

  5. scuples says:

    just seen a comment Sheldon cooper fun with flags .he is Sheldon cooper
    what a boring man

  6. bbrain2 says:

    When you cut the lights off the plants stretch, that doesn’t mean the plant
    has gotten bigger. The lack of light causes stretch in search of more

  7. SolaGratia says:

    You kids don’t know what you’re talking about… This is exactly what one
    would expect @ week 6 for a ruderalis cross.

  8. Dutch Growers channel says:

    I also grow windowin holland

  9. scuples says:

    too leggy

  10. Infected Gamer says:

    My 4 week is just as big XD

  11. Dreadboyhoy says:

    not even the bigger one looks good for 6 weeks.. 

  12. Rsspecial1 says:

    The age of the seeds doesnt really make any differnce if they’re viable
    they’re viable. To be fair for the time of year and the weather we’ve been
    having im surprise they’ve done THAT well, – the summer ones should be much
    better mate. Do you have a window ledge or something you can build a box
    on? Just getting them out IN the sun more will help, they’ll need
    everything they can possibly get! BUT i know what you mean about just
    growing them for fun… they’re beautiful houseplants lol

  13. Andrew Pyrah says:

    old seeds in an unstable environment will be less likely to germinate well.
    but I agree with everything else – these plants make great house plants!

  14. j00t00ber says:

    What lighting are you using? or are these the ones on your windowsill?

  15. grimetime1258 says:

    What are the balls ontop of the soil?

  16. Red Lion says:

    Are you seriously going to flower them using no artificial lighting? Not
    even red spectrum CFLs?

  17. Natty Train says:

    Hey Andew,why dont you get yourself a tent and hps lamp?

  18. Andrew Pyrah says:

    not in this video – though I was smoking some kosher while filming and
    editing this video. I’ll film an update on the kosher kush plant soon –
    she’s looking lovely!

  19. returnroquentin says:

    What the string you use to smoke called?

  20. Andrew Georgeson says:

    I hope you film the harvest 🙂 peace and pot

  21. Michael Keith says:

    Called clay pellets, they’re commonly used on hydro plants

  22. Irish Medi Farmer says:

    Was the kosher Kush a male???peace out..Irish Medi Farmer.

  23. Skykloz says:

    HEY a question if i buy hemp seeds (only thing legal here (Panama)) i can
    plant them? or don’t works? i do not know that much please

  24. Wee Al's Wheels says:

    Very interesting !