Autoflowering autoflower cannabis marijuana HUGE AUTOFLOWER

Here’s a quick vid of my Greenhouse seed co. Northern Lights Autoflower guaranteed over quarter pound dry harvest. HUGE HUGE colas! Enjoy!!
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I KNOW NOT TO TOUCH THE PLANTS. DID IT FOR THE FUCKING VIDEO AND LOOK WHAT HAPPENED!!! ….any fucking way… day 24 guys and they are still growing so im st…

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13 Responses

  1. corey dav says:

    How many plants that from?

  2. Badguys Rulez says:

    Hard to fit those in ur vape

  3. unk40rm says:

    Great harvest congrats

  4. Autogrow Luck says:

    it’ll get better brotha trust me man. Keep working and keep learning bro.
    Its all live and learn with growing brother.

    Growers luv

  5. Steve S says:

    You should Try smartpot or a fabric pot to help the soil to breath next
    run, also more vermiculite or perlite also helps with moisture
    control…good luck.

  6. Kevin Watkins says:

    I’d check ph that soil looks likes it just stays soaked too try a looser
    more airy media then you can water as you are. And if it’s that cold for
    snow the atmosphere is too damp and cold. Roots don’t like cold.

  7. growbignuggs says:

    Lol you’ll be fine just take It slow . That sb is looking okay stay green 

  8. AutoGrower420 says:

    Ya bro id say that was your biggest problem was over watering because it is
    crucial for your plants health to thoroughly dry out before you water them
    again so the roots can stretch and so they can build a strong root system.
    You need the plants to be COMPLETEY dry before watering, don’t be impatient
    lol. And you will know because the soil will be all completely dry not just
    the surface of it you can put your finger deep in the soil and feel if it
    is still wet and also life the pot and it should feel much lighter, and
    sometimes if my plant was thoroughly dry I would leave it for an extra day
    it does no harm only good, but you will get it diald in with time and
    experience/research, peace my brotha!

  9. growbignuggs says:

    I told you that. Lol. Your good the soil has nutrients in it so every time
    you water it feeds the plants . So water no nutes and water only when
    needed and you should be fine only feed if you get a deficiency. So now on
    just ph water at 6.2 when it’s dry not dry to where the plant dies and when
    you water just enough you don’t want any run through.

  10. unk40rm says:

    Youve gotten great advice .. when I tried straight mg soil it burn the
    plants every time you water it releases more nutrients.i love the perlite
    cause mine get rained on now so they gotta dry out faster.goodluck.

  11. DTE .NORTH says:

    There way to young to have deficiency bro u should only be feeding water
    for a bit homie. I would cut those bottom leaves right off bro so the plant
    can focus on new growth. They will bounce back bro 

  12. TjrA homemadegrowbox says:

    Grow Life UPDATE 4/11 Autoflower Cannabis Candy K…:

  13. TjrA homemadegrowbox says:

    About to make a video show you mine magnesium deficiency will do that to