Autoflower Marijuana under LEDs (3 Autoflower Cannabis, under LED grow lights)

For the latest updates, visit: We are at end of week 7 (from seed) for the 2 Northern Light x Big Bud Autoflowers and the Haze…
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info you should know…
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32 Responses

  1. Blake Curtis says:

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  2. MajicKKS says:

    Have you used HPS before? If yes whats the diff in production? Im seriously
    thinking about swiching into LED, so far i just get 2 of them 45W each, but
    just to support HPS. If you can tell me the diff you can see growing under
    LED compares to HPS, thanks.

  3. dave braba says: i shop there and get good results mention davison1021 and get

  4. PropagandaPharms says:

    Hi, I use both HPS & LED. I think of HPS as a shotgun approach. Tons of
    light, growth is fast & furious, sometimes too much so if your soil & nutes
    can’t compensate properly. LED is a bit more targeted, but watt for watt
    will out bloom HPS. IMHO Before making a jump in either direction, I like
    to ask “Is your HPS setup working fine?”. If yes, I take the ‘its not broke
    so don’t fix it’ view. If heat, or power bills are a issue, or there is
    another good reason to switch, then it may make sense.

  5. Nicolas Ponder says:

    how do the plants breathe and get the right oxygen/co2 in such a tight
    space. If it’s in the closet, there doesn’t seem to be any air that can get
    in or out? Please explain. Thanks. Great job!

  6. PropagandaPharms says:

    Hi Nicolas, Good question! Even small grows need ventilation of some sort.
    Tightly sealed spaces with overly stagnant air can cause problems, but for
    the most part the simple act of visiting the plants a few times a day,
    combined with the usual gaps between floor & door, and running a small fan
    exchanges enough of the air in the space. In instances of too much heat and
    or stagnant air, there are some simple tricks to add continuous, natural
    Co2 to aid in feeding & coping with the heat. e.

  7. PropagandaPharms says:

    Hi, Both plants produced over 50 grams each, of some very fine meds!

  8. daftweebrush says:

    how long into flowering do i change feed and hps?

  9. akilburn47 says:

    So boring write a script

  10. Medical Cannabis Spain says:

    pound for pound….. or gramme for gramme, autos are the most expensive
    plant to grow and people overlook that aspect 😉

  11. Cryptlord9999 says:

    @Metal8Lover Just have a small dedicated grow tent/space for putting one
    small male and one small female in to produce your own seed after
    purchasing seeds from a seed bank? Or even remove the males and grow them
    in another room just under anything and collect the pollen, store it in a
    black film canister and put in the fridge. Then when u bud, you can
    selectively take a few smaller buds near the bottom and pollinate just
    those buds with a cue tip. In the long run you save. You can clone for sex

  12. GertieGanja says:

    Hehe usefull , but…… it sounds like u really enjoyed smoking some
    (auto)flower. Peace!

  13. TheTheeggmann says:

    Selective Breeding is taking the best Female and pollinating it with your
    best Male to bring out the qualities you want and over a few generations of
    doing that you have a stable strain. That’s what I get out of it, I may be

  14. Bdiddly1 says:

    @gizmotron1989 -it must have been a semi auto,or a delayed auto.i had an
    outdoor grapefruit that was semi auto(still have a clone of it!)&she was a
    semi auto.DrAutoflower is right though,it couldnt have been a full auto.

  15. mrhempoilsoldier says:

    i would love to have some males

  16. ziggieization says:

    what did you clone ?

  17. AndReaL121 says:

    the only thing i can say is if u are not revegging your autos.. its a waste
    Im doing it now.. dont throw your babies away!!

  18. kingnuddster says:

    Hi doc you say that red spectrum lights cause stress to fem auto seeds
    would metal halid be ok this is my first ever grow

  19. xthexTxvirusx says:

    i understnd that you breed, but what is the most legit autoflower company?

  20. Cryptlord9999 says:

    @Metal8Lover I hear yah man, check out the site i get my seeds
    from them, they are resonably priced and usually come with atleast 1 or 2
    extra seeds, in one of my packs i got it was the last they had so i got 15
    instead of 10 =). Then you can make your own seed. I’ve heard that having
    your seedlings under 16 hours of light during the first part of its life
    can increase female to male ratios but i have not tried this myself.

  21. giesing münchen says:


  22. tommybrickit says:

    Dude!!!!!!! U need to desperately LEARN how to use ur camera!!!!! In both
    ur vids, we can’t see ANYTHING clearly,,,,,,(which makes ur vids

  23. Michael Michaels says:

    forget about feminized seeds and greedy seed banks. send some of those
    babies my way and keep the genetics alive! seriously send some!!

  24. ruudboy26 says:

    quicker to grow though if u fall short of your “routine” which i did, using
    them to step my routine back in! only take 8 weeks from seed 🙂

  25. DrAutoflower says:

    yes in 3 gallon bucket start to finish. Please watch ALL my auto flower
    videos play list i go over all the basics, may be boring (was super high
    making all these lol) but tons of info

  26. Hip Hop Bluez says:

    can I get a few seeds … Realty

  27. brent maksymetz says:

    LMAO 60 day wonder is a huge lie im at week 9 only about 1 week and half
    weeks into flower i transplanted so maybe thats why but got northern light
    blue auto see if its any better

  28. Andrew Mill says:

    I av grown autos for a 2years,and had no probs,unless you leave tolong they
    can go herme,its nature.

  29. macbookgenius007 says:

    Hey whats up you dont make any vids anymore?

  30. Alex Capone says:

    for the people that want alot of seeds then thats perfect,,,espeaciallty if
    you want to grow out side,,,just germinate them a lil,,and haul them out
    side,,throw a hundred in the ground and let nature tske its course,,help
    the soil a lil would be great,,dont really need to put in pots,,but forsure
    fertilizer of some sort,,,

  31. Bdiddly1 says:

    @MrMagicseeds -try sweet seeds fast bud#2 mate,they are cheep&easy&will
    give you a good yield too.

  32. Alex Capone says:

    what would i need 600 seeds for??huuhhh let me think…i would throw a
    hundred out sie at a time,,and if they were an auto strain,,could u
    imagine,,,thats a lot of wieght