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5 Responses

  1. pam h says:

    Ok im going to do that i will have to get some molasses and i usually use
    purfied water or distilled ,i missed up cause i could’nt find my ph meter
    so it was my fault.

  2. Lucious Buds says:

    I want you to try a few different things with this plant.. Things that I’ve
    tried myself in these cases.. First when it comes to your ph water fill a
    few gallon jugs up and just let them sit with the caps off for a few days
    (which should balance the water out nicely) and then when you water your
    plants use a jug that doesn’t contain any nutes and let it sit that way for
    about 30mins before you do another

  3. Uncle410 . says:

    Damn that sucks good luck wit bringing her back

  4. NIKK420 says:

    Good luck