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23 Responses

  1. TheExohtic says:

    yes but if you put it in soil you can support it with a bit more soil

  2. edwin heijmanns says:

    nice done dont wory about bat com!

  3. Mario Marquez says:

    u said clones lol I thought I was medicated

  4. Cookies MikeGrow says:


  5. RXFARM1 says:

    loose the angry ignorant words it makes whatever you have to say useless ,
    talk to me like a man and you will get answered in kind,,,if you feel the
    need to pick at comments for whatever reason and then attempt to insult a
    stranger,, you may need to check yourself.go burn one and relax,, and find
    better way to make a point ,, besides coming off like a jackass or some
    spoiled idiot.

  6. GNeS xTRiKzHD says:

    How many plants is legal to own ?

  7. rober schuler says:

    I agree. I was just looking to see if this guy had any big buds in any of
    his videos. and I cant find any yet. but ill keep looking for a min.

  8. jaquan wilson says:

    Yea what hell are talking about

  9. organicdankonly says:

    how do you have a grow show and you dont no shit

  10. iloveyoufoo1 says:


  11. tbaby5656 says:

    Can a plant recover from root rot? I have read different opioions on it.
    What is the best wat to prevent it in a small hydro box setup?

  12. G'Maw's Garden says:

    what are the strain of seeds? they can come out of it if you baby them, but
    of course I am sure you knew this.

  13. Ace sims says:

    You sound just like riddick

  14. smokajoka420 says:

    you even said they where clones , so you know ?? huh, seeds in
    rockwool…lol wtf??

  15. Zacnix Nixon says:

    As many as your closet fits

  16. TheExohtic says:

    that happens if you put them in rockwool

  17. seventh angel says:

    u got no idea why bother posting videos ! just unsubscribed ! 🙂

  18. Captiancrunch23 says:

    Plant brutality man

  19. RXFARM1 says:

    i certainly wouldnt get my self all bent out of shape and say nasty shit
    because i did not agree with someones growing deficits,,,but i would not
    repeat the same mistakes,,, the plants in this vid looked pitiful,,but its
    no reason for me not to watch for entertainment education or to learn from
    others mistakes ,, wanna get angry and talk shit,,,be my guest…

  20. organicdankonly says:

    please stop already

  21. MrHunkyjunky says:

    I want to start smoking weed (i have no idea where i get weed) but people
    say it causes cancer and some say it cures it. I believe that it cures it
    but can someone make it clear for me like the side effects and what not

  22. RXFARM1 says:

    there goes another expert with a one liner that ,,,supposed to explain
    everything read the video title and listen to the guy talking,,,,, this
    will happen with any seedling if you just let it sit there in weak light
    ,,it willl stretch and flop and although could be rectified into a nice
    full grown plant ,its easier to start with one that did not get in this
    condition,, by providing good light circulating air and light nutrients
    regardless of the growing medium

  23. smokajoka420 says:

    Those are for clones not seeds???? you put seeds in stupid