4:20 Smokeout with Baby Bash at the 2013 High Times Cannabis Cup

Another clip from the 2013 High Times Cannabis Cup in Seattle. This was so awesome. Everybody lighting up and smokin out for 4:20. I wish everyone could expe…
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MILKY WHITE TRICOMBS IS WHAT YOU WANT!! To find out when your plants are ready you will need a jewelers lube Or some kind of high-powered microscope so you c…
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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25 Responses

  1. Clayton Salberg says:


  2. trip fontain says:

    no, not at all. heh who told you that?

  3. TheLuddrummer says:

    Beautiful garden

  4. PacoDasMota says:

    Just jar them and open the jars every 12 to 24 hr depending on how much
    Moisture is inside the jars still. Do that for about a month.

  5. PacoDasMota says:

    that would be cool I like the flood system idea of hydro but hydro takes up
    a lot of your time & id have to pay a lot more for nutrients. but id deff
    like to try it out one season!!! GROWW ON!!!

  6. Drew Grow says:

    Those are some major size Colas there !!!!!!!!!

  7. PacoDasMota says:

    And yet you still subscribed ha

  8. boredjoey says:

    whoa those are some sexy plants

  9. Joeytwist1 says:

    so this is a how to tell when you need learn how to make a youtube video??

  10. kushwolf42 says:

    i thought you were going to tell me how to know when my plant is ripe. you
    just mumbled about how your garden isn’t worth your time.

  11. Jenetta Shivers says:

    OK.. So not helpful.. Thanks anyways..

  12. growinforrelief says:

    Greenhouse grow turned out great brother..nice work! I had a great season
    in mine as well ;). It’s sure great not worrying as much about the weather
    or the freakin caterpillars too! Keep up the good work bro, happy

  13. PacoDasMota says:

    Thanx man!! GROW ON

  14. aic561 says:

    I paid close attention the whole time, but I obviously missed it- at what
    part did you actually tell us how to tell when your marijuana is ready for
    harvest? This video is not aptly named. Maybe I should watch it again.

  15. mofe kite says:

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  16. angelmon6 says:

    lol where you live africa?

  17. miguel mendoza says:

    What do you Do when your curing it

  18. trip fontain says:

    rad little grow house dude. everything in it looks tight aswell! some nice
    tops on those sluts too hah

  19. rogueraiser says:

    ohh ya lookin great!

  20. Kimmie Daye says:

    well he said he was video taping before he took the buds down…so i
    presume this is what they should look like

  21. needsports2liv says:

    nice vid

  22. The Ender-Ghost Gamer says:

    I’m guessing you live in Colorado

  23. 7thsign68 says:

    Thumbs down ….so wheres the lesson on How To Tell When Your Marijuana Is
    Ready For Harvest!!! ????????????

  24. IVIrSeal says:

    been following all your videos, maybe next crop you should try hydroponics
    and maybe show you setting it up 😉

  25. Joe Rodriguez says:

    hey some people put their bong water in their plnts would you consider that
    healthy for them or is that a no no ?