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20 Responses

  1. scantec gamer says:

    do you remove any fan leaves when they flower.

  2. player4574 says:

    Here to help. If you have some mantis’ around your garden, you’re good to
    go. They are a wonderful addition to any outdoor garden. Beware of the
    caterpillars! They will fuck up colas left and right if you dont watch the
    buds closely. Worst outdoor pest is the caterpillar in my stoned opinion.
    Even worse than the dreaded spidermite i think.

  3. igrowmedicaltopshelf says:

    Fuck yea

  4. Medical Cannabis Spain says:

    You gonna have to start talking in litres bro, even our gallons are
    different haha

  5. yatubeish says:

    Yeah I hit thumbs down by accident sorry bro! But I ain’t the thumbs down
    guy lmao!!

  6. player4574 says:

    @UndercoverFarmer559 Lmao, Dude I have no kids. I have a dog who likes to
    dig holes by the fence. Those toys you speak of are from 8 years ago When
    my niece lived here. I took them out of the attic and like them on the
    fence so my dog would not dig holes.. that’s why they are there. NO KIDS
    HERE! 🙂

  7. socbutter says:

    How long do you veg before transplanting for flower? sure looks good with
    that colorful background! Love what you are doing.

  8. player4574 says:

    4 Liters is a bit over 1 gallon U.S. So that being said, 7 gallon pot is a
    28 liter container roughly. Hope that helps a bit.

  9. player4574 says:

    @socbutter Honestly the GDP & confidential cheese just got too big for
    indoors. Thats why they went outside. Im sure i can check my older videos
    and see exactly when i cracked the con cheese seed. I know i got the gdp in
    clone form around April 9th i think. She is now 6′ tall outdoors

  10. player4574 says:

    Dont tell me you really believe grasshoppers dont eat fan leaves?? Ive sat
    out there and watched them munch away on leaves when i did this grow.
    Preying Mantis’ eat bugs bro. Grasshoppers eat leaf material. Were you
    confused on the species or something???

  11. player4574 says:

    LMAO. The thumbs down guy has struck early. I was waiting for it too.
    hahahahaha :)) I dont give a fuck. Keep it green noob. lmao.

  12. player4574 says:

    @scantec666 Just the ones that allow more light into the middle and lower

  13. costa says:

    great grow dude,looking good check mine out if u don’t mind i also got 5
    outdoor growing also in flower about 2 weeks,take care oh yea i just subbed
    to ur pg…

  14. player4574 says:

    A bit late to reply but i just saw your comment. I agree with the larger
    pot size. I also didn’t have a supplier for the larger wide grow pots at
    the time. Now i do so this next seasons outdoor grow will have some wide
    ass pots for my large ladies. Much appreciated. Keep it green.

  15. joebob says:

    Pesky grasshoppers got ahold of some of my granddaddy purp 🙁

  16. paul dee says:

    Yeah i’ve seen those tent worms defoliate a couple plant’s in the forest
    one of the reasons im scared to plant outdoors that and bunnys

  17. Stoneagesmoker says:

    Not to bad,I would use way bigger pots,alot wider to make them bushier
    naturally.Ill try and have plants that size in 10 to 20 gallon bags,you’ll
    see a difference for sure when you do that.I recently did a comparrison,and
    the one tranplanted a few times to alot bigger containers eventually 20
    gallons is way bigger then the one that stayed in the 7 gallon of mine the
    whole time,helps to to change bags again right when you start to
    flower,have a good day fellow grower.

  18. UndercoverFarmer559 says:

    hey player…….you might want to move either your plants or your kids
    toys into another area because i know out here they busted some guy for
    that and took him and his wife to jail and took their kids……just a
    heads up…….I’m loving that GDP in the 7 gallon……you having to water
    her every day??

  19. paul dee says:

    Sorry bout that i was thinking of preying mantises thanks for the heads up
    u could have easily just saved my first outdoor crop

  20. player4574 says:

    Been there, done that, big blunts, fat sacks….