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25 Responses

  1. Erik Coleman says:

    You’re the man senior Cervantes!

  2. d sulli says:

    the quality of chemical grown bud will NEVER compete with the quality of
    organics. smell and taste is a million times better with 100% organic. and
    this is proof that your yield doesn’t have to suffer from growing organic
    if you know what your doing, good soil, good water, and really good compost
    tea = monster plants with amazing quality

  3. miauwington says:

    Those aren’t plants…those are trees ! Biggest I’ve ever seen.

  4. Czerwonymike says:

    You have to veg them indoors for a month or 2, then put them outside at the
    VERY BEGINNING of the season then you will have monsters.

  5. HygroHybrid says:

    Love seeing his videos , its like reminiscing, brings back good ol’ times!

  6. Keith Garcia says:

    how many gallons of media would you need to grow a ten pound plant

  7. rainbowthrustars says:

    Wow this is a serious garden 🙂
    Thank you for showing this Jorge. Have always enjoyed your videos and

  8. picklesnsauce says:

    thanks jorge ive learnt a lot from your vids

  9. Jeremy Robinson says:


  10. MHeXtreme442 says:

    Crap plants – He’s obviously doing it all wrong. He should be pumping
    chemicals into them, lolly popping them, slashing off all the fan leaves,
    bending, pinching, topping and all the other complete bs techniques if he
    wants to be like the youtube ‘pro growers’. Jokes … your the man JC.

  11. sonofa6699str says:

    holy fuck thats heaven right there

  12. overWATCH says:


  13. billyuba says:


  14. afenraa says:

    3,136,000 turn out to be $8,960,00 a pound,are you buying ??????????.

  15. JoshNortonalias says:

    @Daniel Croucher Its right here in front of you. Look at those plants. How
    couldn’t they yield ten pounds each. Come on guy.

  16. Jamey Lynch says:

    To get that big of a plant does it depend on the seed or stain mostly? Let
    me know

  17. Greg Hastain says:

    I would guess that it is Blue Dream

  18. PeteyChiz says:

    That’s 3,136,000 worth of bud

  19. BAT MAN says:

    You’re right. They got shotguns.

  20. Kandi Klover says:

    getting close though haha

  21. Kandi Klover says:

    lol medicine lmao nice marijuana forest though holy shit

  22. Hawaiianeye100 says:

    Does anybody know what strain they are?

  23. nicky jonnas says:

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  24. gordon chase says:

    You obviously haven’t been to Kentucky a relative of mine was growing 80
    seven foot plants but he lives down a four mile dirt road leading to
    nowhere so I doubt anybody wants to trespass since they don’t know it’s
    back there.

  25. SRtWeNtytUrBo faSt says:

    hes a cop they raid peoples places and set up a camera shop and make ou
    there therezzzzzzzzzzz