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13 Responses

  1. ANoisyMindIsEvilDuhh says:

    Always, eventually every thought you have will have contrast and will
    transmute into presence of mind or spacious awareness. An emotion is a
    bundle of thoughts and therefore you become spacious awareness sooner or
    later. The time taken between thought and contrast is what creates the five

    Many people are always thinking in English and by daily practice of
    silencing all English that is in your inner mind for nine seconds in a row
    the quality of your life goes up.

  2. nosoupfuru says:

    I’m new to growing, but what is that gawd awful noise in a few of these
    videos? I don’t have any grow equipment that sounds like that, and to me
    it would make the plants angry listening to that all day lol

  3. phr tao says:

    Fantastic series of videos – thanks Remo ! and thanks 3D for letting us see

  4. urbanremo says:

    Customize your message

  5. teeznutz0 says:

    Turbo cloners are awesome.

  6. JASON FORBES says:


  7. Damien Nicholas says:

    was it just my computer, or was that video laggin up? 

  8. gaertig22 says:

    What the hell is that loud noise ?

  9. whatthefuck says:

    Awesome videos 

  10. Meyer Lansky says:

    What the fuck is that noise!??

  11. mozz324 says:

    4 days is pretty quik to root.

  12. ferskaprinzen says:

    What kind a clone box is that with roots after 5 days?

  13. crazybrains777 says:

    I would love to check this place out. Keep up the good work Remo !