2011.12.26 Daily Driving: Medical Cannabis, Negative Nail Trimming [13/13]

Drove to Santa Ana/North Tustin today for my expensive medical cannabis errand with my dog Negative. On the way back we got his nails trimmed. Driving around…
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Video Journal – Growing Weed Indoors. September 2013, One Marijuana Plant under a 150W LED Grow Light. http://mypotlog.com Day 4. The plant was spread out un…

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12 Responses

  1. zerocool212121 says:

    no such thing as crop failure due to leds. if u look at his vids he bleached the hell out of them and didnt correct his issue. any light can bleach with high par #’s its that simple, which is why lens are always good, its just a magnifying glass effect doesnt create more light.
    all that needs to be done is set at your height for your specific led(lens can need more height) if u see bleaching/hashtips raise it up. any simple noob mistake left unchecked can ruin a crop its just that simple.

  2. zerocool212121 says:

    but why/how did they do it, is my point. was it lowering the total par on the plant? or why? there are factors which caused your issue that your leaving out or dont know why, which would just conclude that it is user error.

    its not my opinion its without any facts you cant conclude what happened unless its just guessing. i can show u that led can/will perform just like hps but with lack of understanding how everything works its difficult to help someone learn. gl with ur endeavors

  3. TooDabbed says:

    well lets see, I figure it was the LEDs because T5 Lighting brought all the near dead plants back to life
    that is your opinion that they don’t, in my opinion, they did, I experienced it, switched to a 1k HPS and surprise…..no issues

  4. zerocool212121 says:

    leds dont cause crop failure, thats just the growers fault. if you bleached the plant so it cant photosynthesize is that the plants fault,leds? no would be user error for not fixing the issue.
    if this is wrong give some stats how leds caused failure, because ive yet to see something that wasnt user error for any crop failure ie, poor environmental control(temp,light,dmg),fert +/-, pests, etcetc.

  5. hykeem46 says:

    I luv weed

  6. Juiced Cannabis says:

    yer scaring me – ‘crop failure’, them is terror words!
    I think LED’s are the wave of the future for indoor growing – why did they cause a crop failure for you?

  7. TooDabbed says:

    lookin great brother watch the bleaching
    I just experienced crop failure because of the LEDs

  8. Juiced Cannabis says:

    Thanks Guy! Lovin’ the helpful comments – the community on YouTube sure help me improve my growing faster!

  9. Juiced Cannabis says:

    Many thanks master!! 😀 I have aimed the fans directly on her!

  10. Guy Baldridge says:

    I agree if you give more circulation of the air going through it the plant will be way more healthy. Just a thought 😉

  11. capricechild92 says:

    I see a small breeze but you still need more fans, strengthen them B4 you flower. Target has em. Peace

  12. Angie LupusLife says:

    looking great. hope you have a wonderful weekend